Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The God We Believe in Has Emotions, Feelings and Really Truly Loves Us As His Children

WELL! Skype was fun (: I loved seeing you guys!! Everyone looks taller and bigger! haha Well this week was kind of a long one with the Holidays. No one really wants to accept a message about Christ around Christmas... Kind of Ironically sad but at least most of their excuses were because they were with family (: We knocked a lot of doors and visited a few family members who weren’t at church this week and it went really well.  This week I went on divisions again to my first sector in Las Avenidas with Hermana Johnson and we found this older man knocking doors and he told us he was catolico and  I don’t really remember how the conversation went, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and we had him read Moroni´s promise in chapter 10.  The older man´s eyes filled up with tears as he read and we really felt the spirit.  He told us that he would read it and read and pray to see if it was true and then he told us that more powerful than the promise that he read, was the fact that he was reading the letters in the Book of Mormon without putting his glasses on and he told us that he was practically blind.  I really believe that through the love and Power of God he was given his sight to read the tiny letters in the Book of Mormon without his glasses.  We see small and amazing miracles every day, especially after seemingly long weeks of work.  I studied a lot about Jesus Christ this week and I feel like this year I have really come to know my Savior Jesus Christ.  The free agency He has given us really allows us to choose and then know for ourselves what is right, wrong, better and best.  Reading in Moisés 7 this week again reminds me that the God we believe in has emotions, feelings and really truly loves us as his children. Many of the people we talk to do not have this knowledge and we see every day how this affects the happiness of the people.  I love the people here; Chileans have such a loving and laid back and familiarized culture.  They have taught me a lot of patience and every week that goes by has been a time of reflection of all the hard long hot days in the street thinking ´´If we can barely take the heat and the rejection and the pain in our feet, how did the Savior feel amongst his own people with pains and sufferings He lived with?´´ It really amazes me. I am so grateful for His gospel.  I know he lives and loves us and I know that the church He organized is active and progressing (: I love you family!!  See you soon.
Bautismo de Jorge :)

Oh and Jorge is doing great! We saw him last night and he greeted us at the door with a fantastic long haired wig and it made me think of my FATHER! hahah and Mario is doing well. He wants to get baptized on the 17th of January and we found a few new families to teach this week.   We’re out of time so we will talk next week.  Love you
Hermana Cook(:

HES JUST SO PRECIOUS!!!! we are goof balls (: we love him.

feliz navidad! My comp and Millaray!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Haaaaaappy Christmas Eve! (Technically) well apparently in La Blanca (our Ward), the members only celebrate and have dinner Christmas eve!  soo we're going to go to the house of two recent converts, Marianela (the mom) and Millaray (the daughter) and we're going to pass by people before because today we have pday from 10:30am-12pm and then we work until 6pm... and then we have MORE pday from 6pm and we can be out until 11:30pm! waiting for el viejito pascuero (the Father Christmas) :P haha

President Cook told me he was grateful that I watched Mrs. Doubt fire to save the life of my comp hhahahah so i said "I too am grateful that I had watched Mrs. Doubtfire!" Well this week went well. (: We went Christmas caroling with the elders, Millaray and Aljandro and we were able to see the sincere love and appreciacion of the people when we came by with a Christmas card, tarjeta(pass along card) and cookies and to sing to them. I am not a big fan of singing because that is not where my talents lie, but I know that hymns really are a prayer from the heart and people are touched by the hymns that Emma Smith hand chose. We felt the spirit at every house. ♥ I love the spirit of Christmas. This week the service we were able to do was basically helping and participating in all the ward activities. Everyone seemed to need a bit of help this week.

I want to share super quick experience we had this week.  Jorge (who got baptized two Fridays ago) well and we haven't been able to pass by his house since, until yesterday!  He is becoming such a strong person in the gospel♥  He goes to church and all the activities and everything(: anyway! Yesterday we had a lesson with him in the church with a member (Barbi se llama) But we've already taught him about it, but we still felt impressed to go over it with him.  So we start talking about the prophet Thomas S. Monson.   We asked if he knew who he was and everything, and he was familiar but not too sure. So we quickly looked in the Library for a photo of him JUSTO AYER FUE EL CUMPLEAÑOS DE JOSE SMITH ENTONCES FUE INSPIRACION DE HABLAR DE PROFETAS! (JUST YESTERDAY WAS THE BIRTHDAY OF JOSEPH SMITH)  & THEN TALK OF PROPHETS INSPIRATION) thanks much! okay so I go into the other room, grab a liahona (which is the spanish version of the Ensign) that said "discursos de la conferencia general"(general conference talks) and thought AH!! this has to have Thomas Monson in it!  okay soo were flipping through the pages and I come to a talk by Pres. Monson and I'm reading it and it just struck to my core. we shared this passage with him, "Al meditar en oración la edad a la cual los jóvenes podrían comenzar su servicio misional, también hemos considerado la edad a la que las mujeres jóvenes podrían servir. Hoy me complace anunciar que las jóvenes dignas y capaces que tengan el deseo de servir, pueden ser recomendadas para el servicio misional a partir de los 19 años en lugar de los 21." (By meditating in prayer the age at which young people may begin their missionary service, we have also considered the age at which young women could serve. Today I am pleased to announce that young worthy and able to have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service at 19 years instead of 21")  We couldn't help but just pause after reading that and look at him in silence.  He looked down at his shoes and nodded his head, pondering what we had told him.  He teaches me more than I feel we teach him sometimes... Soon after we testified that if it wasn't for Joseph Smith, for the Restauracion del evangelio, for a modern day prophet, for modern day revelation, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here TODAY on the earth, we wouldn't be here in this very moment.  It's so incredible how glorious this Gospel really is.  We say it A MILLION TIMES. We hear His name daily, but are we really being truly disciples in all that we do?  What shall we do with Christmas this year?  I pray that we all aren't quick to forget Him and that we actually remember Him in all that we do.  That's something, I'm hoping so much as a gift this Christmas, to fight the natural man and be different from the world and testify of Him in my actions.  I hope you all have the BEST CHRISTMAS in remembering our Savior Jesus Christ :)  I love you all so much and I can't believe this is my last Christmas in Chile as a missionary!  Hope you all have shared something with your friends this Christmas about the Gospel (: love you all have a super sassy Navidad !!!!!feliz navidad 2014!!!!!   Hermana Blanca is my mission mommy and I adore her. She is a member of this ward and has a heart of gold. She hand knitted me a sweater and took care of us. We skyped you all at her house this year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let's Us Appreciate the Small Things in Life

SOOOOOOOOOO  This week was really amazing. Jorge got baptized and he tells us all the time how happy and changed he is. He made us laugh when he showed up three hours early for the temple concert on Friday and it amazes us how much he loves the temple even though he has never been inside of it yet.

This week I gained a HUGE appreciation for the small things in life. I read a talk about how much we can learn from the nature around us and how we need to appreciate every one of Gods little and simple creations. I also was taught not to take one single breath for granted. This may seem like a funny story but it taught me a very serious lesson. At lunch this week, Hermana Olson got a piece of food stuck in her throat and stopped breathing. She calmly touched me and I looked at her and without asking even one question before the words ''can you breathe'' came out of my mouth and when she shook her head no... somehow the spirit lead us quickly to do the Heimlich and I was able to help her. I know the spirit played a KEY role in helping us. I did not even know how to do the Heimlich... I just remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire and copying what I knew off of that. But afterwords we realized that that could have been a severe accident and later in the apartment we shared a prayer of gratitude and some tears later that night when we returned home. The Lord really does watch over and take care of His children and His missionaries.

The sector is doing very well. Elder Cabrera seems a lot happier since his grumpy companion left and we have been working well together. The new Elder in our sector is from Hawaii, His name is Elder Kamoe. We played pool today for Pday! Sad to think I only have 5 left....

This week we did not find service out side of helping set up the nativity for the primary program and organize a caroling group in the ward for next week! That should be way fun. We are seeing miracles with sharing the video "'El es la Dadiva" (I think in English it's ´´he is the gift´´) and I am enjoying the happiness of the people during this time of the year. I feel really blessed for being able to spend 2 Christmas' with the Chilean people (: Hermana Olson has progressed so much. She is starting to teach with the spirit and love the people we are teaching. It has been a precious blessing from her diligence. I hope and pray we continue growing!

Love you guys! I think we might have to do skyping a bit earlier.... like at 2 or 3 Chilean time♥ But I'll let you know for sure next week! (:

Hey mom and dad I wrote the grandparents letters. can you send me a pic of each one of them with me in the picture, if you can find some, so I can print those out and send them? (: And did Brooke receive my letter yet? Teeny and London I had a cool dream with you guys when I took a little cat nap today about your missions! Landon I am beyond stoked for your mission call. Congrats. hugs and kisses. We'll celebrate when I get home. nos vemos xoxoxooxoxoxo
♥ Hermana Cook
Elder Bezerra found a Barbie & said it was a mini me, so he gifted it to me at a meeting! haha
Jorges baptism congratulations party. Hes a lady's man! hahaha
Merry Christmas with our investigators

It's me and my best friend (Mikaels's) man.  Her two biggest loves of her life! heehee Can you believe Mic's boyfriend got called my my exact same mission!!
Helping investigators put up Christmas Lights!

Everyone who went on our Temple trip

Beautiful temple view

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Atonement Changes People and Make Them Want to Do and Be Better

So... There is a lot to catch up on.  Hermana Olson is doing great. Improving mountains worth in the few weeks we have had together and we are getting along like two peas in a pod (: It has been so fun and peaceful working side by side with someone who wants to improve and work hard.  We have seen miracles from obedience and seen the atonement change the people we are teaching.  Hermana Olson has not been able to train yet and she heads home shortly after I do but President called and asked what we thought about her extending and we actually had talked and think it would be a great idea for her  The experience of training is like nothing else and President and I feel it really is a necessary for her to have the opportunity to train a new little missionary like we once were (: anyways.... President ended up calling and asking her to extend and she said ´´absolutely´´ in the cutest voice ever 

We have  seen miracles.  This week has been going well with investigators and with the members. Jorge is getting baptized and he could not be anymore excited.  We have seen such a big growth in him and he has noticed a difference in himself as well. He is 64 and we were able to watch his fears about baptism  diminish after a visit to the temple.  He said he felt the power of the dedicated area and he just is so eager to learn and progress.  It has been such a blessing to see the atonement change people and make them want to do and be better people. We have been so blessed.  So this Book of Mormon reading challenge that we are doing (Read the Book of Mormon in 3 months) is definitely called a challenge for a reason. We have struggled to keep up with the three chapters a day but have been able to use a lot what we have read and shared in personal studies through out the day. (:  It has been really hard but really worth it.  We have felt the power and blessings that come from the Book of Mormon.   We even had a less active start reading with us and she got up and bore her testimony this week about the power it has had on her in the past week of reading it.  It is the Book with the most power here on the earth and the book most taken advantage of... if that makes sense... There is so much power in the Book of Mormon, but we fail so often to pick it up, read it and meditate the simple stories inside.  One of Satan's tools is complicacion and complexity.  It is NOT hard to read the Book of Mormon Daily and we DO have time.  We just have to put it higher on our priority list.  I love my mission.  I will be ready to come home in 6 weeks but if Pres Cook asks me to extend I cant say that I would say no(;  But he wont ask because there aren't any new hermana Missionaries coming in... But just saying.  I  love my mission.  La obra del Señor esta apresurando (The work of The Lord is hastening ) (: I love you familicita.  See you soon for skype!  Which reminds me we need to pick a time to   do it.  I was thinking like 4 or 5 CHILE TIME? Let me know what you think. (: love you

Besitos! Chaoooo Hermana Cook

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We See Proof and Evidence That the Atonement of Jesus Christ Heals and Strengthens.

Having a good time with Hermana Olson
Well.... Jorge is getting baptized sooner than we planned.  He is so cute and tells us he is sad he wasted so many years without the gospel and he just wants to progress in the gospel!  He gets baptized on the 12th. (:

Also we taught about 3 new people this week and ALL are heavy caught up in drugs but the few times we have visited them they have progressed.  One se llama Renzo (one is called Renzo.  Renzo told us that he actually has felt guilty for saying bad words and his family told us that they have noticed a calmness and peace about him since we’ve been teaching him. We have seen miracles and tender mercies of proof and evidence that the atonement of Jesus Christ heals and strengthens.  I wish I had more time to write but the things I want to say would take more time to explain than the amount of time I have /: Hermana Olson and I are doing magnificent by lifting and helping each other learn. President told us that he appreciates our example of urgency to share the gospel and told me in my interviews that it is my job to train her to be ready to train.  We have done lots of practices and are really exercising our talents together.  I absolutely love it.  Hope all is well this week.  

We had a fun PDAY and I’ll see you all soon. 
Take care xoxoxoox Hermana Cook
Hermana Martinez last Preparation Day!!

:) bye bye

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Updates with Jaime, Hna Olson and The Church

We love her!
This week went really well.  Jaime was baptized and sad to say not a single member showed up except for the presidente of the young mens.  Not even the Bishop or his councilors were able to go but our little Jaime wanted to be baptized anyway and had a LOT of support from many of the missionaries . On Sunday we went to the temple with him and a few investigators and our ward mission leader.  It was an amazing experience.  Hermana Olson is doing fantastic and we are working really hard on our goals together.  This Sunday the attendance was down by about 10-15 people but we sat in the front with Jorge and I didn’t notice that there were such few people in church. I actually felt that the benches were filled, until I looked behind me and saw that a lot of them were empty, but as soon as I turned back around I felt a very strong impression that the benches, in reality, were filled  with angels and eager spirits.  It was a tender sweet feeling and confirmation of the work and love and support from the worlds less known to us.  The sacrament meeting this week was very spiritual and it made me really think of the importance of the ordinances we have in these latter days.  Reading this week in 3rd Nephi I gained a deeper love and gratitude for the Book of Mormon and the registros (records) it contains.  We really are so blessed. Our investigators are doing well.  Jorge came to the temple with us with many opinions and questions and we all worked together with the spirit to answer them.  He is worried that he won’t be ready by the 20th for his baptism and says he feels a little pressured, but other times he says he had wished that he had gotten baptized a long time ago because he has lost so much time leaning about the Gospel.  I have faith that he will be ready by the fecha (date) we have have set and prayed about but I do not want him to feel pressured by us, but by wanting to be baptized because he truly knows is the right thing to do.  The service we did this week was help a Chilean from Israel that speaks Hebrew, paint her house and clean it up.  She will be moving into out sector in a week and it was a good opportunity to get to know her and help her and her father. He father asked us a lot of questions about Joseph Smith, trying to pick little fights but we answered him very simply and sincerely and he accepted a folleto (brochure) in the end of the Restauracion (restoration). This week we are going to continue doing practices every day and learn more about how the spirit works in our companionship. We have seen many miracles and benefits from doing practices every day and teaching and learning from each other.  I am grateful for the willing heart of Hermana Olson (: This week was a blessing.  

Hermana Cook

PS for Pday today we played AMERICAN FOOTBALL and Hermana Olson and I were the team captains and we killed it!!  Ill send pics in un momentito (moment) but it was really fun.  Elder Baker, who is colombiano, is THE FUNNIEST ELDER I have ever met.  He has the humor that Haydin and I do but he is way funnier (; and Ill be sending some pics and you can all see for your self. LOVE YOU HAVE A SUPER SASSY WEEEEEK ♥

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hermana Kayla Sprenz and I on Preparation Day!

Hermana Kayla Sprenz and I on Preparation Day!  Can you believe she is on the same mission and from the same stake in Las Vegas as I am :)  So happy she is here and that I am able to see her

almuerzo con nuestra querida familia Brozales :)
 lunch with our dear Brozales family
la unidad de nuestra sociedad de socorro <3 they're soo cute! they get together every week to do activities like this, 
the unity of our Relief Society

NDH con Marianela y Millaray :) <3

Preparation day and Plan de Salvacion :)

the tree of life! o... el Árbol del conocimiento del bien y el mal....
#Forgotenglish #oops (the tree of life! or ... the tree of knowledge of good and evil ...just for fun)

Me and My Companion!

we are so ready for la Navidad :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Saw Numberless Miracles This Week

This week went really well.  We saw numberless miracles this week.  The first being Ernan, yes, the man we met who was a little wasted in the street, is reading he Book of Mormon! He is out of town outside of Santiago for a few weeks but he calls us and asks us about the people he is reading about (:  We also found an investigator, Jaquelin through classes of English.  We asked her for scissors to cut out an invitation to give to her and after basically telling us she was too busy to even come out of her house, she invited us in and let us cut all the invitations in her house and she introduced us to her 12 year old daughter. After talking with her daughter, Valentina, while her mom was making us juice, she told us she didn’t believe in God because she has been bullied since she was very young and that it bothers her that her mom smokes cigarettes instead of smoking weed because she likes the smell of weed better. My heart BROKE for this little girl.  I couldn’t help but think I had never even heard of weed, let alone know what it smelt like at 12 years old!  We focused a lot on the young women’s values and she seemed to open up to the idea that there might be a God that loves and understands her... I realized that I have really taken for granted the things that have been taught to me in the church, which is SO not of the world.  I realized many many times this week the awareness that Heavenly Father has of each and every one of his children.  At the beginning of the week I read the testimony of Alma in chapter 34 and it brought me to think a lot about the power of the love our Father in Heaven has for us and Jesus Christ.  Love is really what makes us Disciples of Christ.  The sector is going well, the ward is moving along well and the leaders are working hard.  Hermana Olson is doing really well.  I know she has had some difficulties in her past sectors but I think since I knew her from before the mission we had an advantage to become more united y apollar una la otra. Sorry.   You’ll have to translate that because I can’t remember how to say that in English (:  Well... I wish I could write everything that happened this week.  But I can say that I am WAY beyond blessed.  I can say that I feel like Hermana Olson is like being companions with my cousin Haydin.   It’s like a powerhouse of spiritual fun. (:

Hope all is well with the family.  I heard Shannon’s grandpa died. :(  Can you please have her email me???  I sent her a birthday card back in July but I didn’t hear back from her so maybe the letter got lost or she could just be really busy.  But hey, send my love to the Tropia family and mom, go visit them and give them a personal hug for me please.  They are less than a mile away and I cannot be there with them now right now /: but I love you all. 

Have a super sassy week.
See you in 2 more fast Sundays
 xoxoxoxoxo Hermana Cook

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Gospel is for Everyone, Even Those Who Appear to Be Unprepared

This week went really well! I am with a new companion from California, Hermana Brittney Olson and we were actually friends up at BYUI so that's pretty crazy and cool!!! (:  We are about to learn a lot together. This week we did service pulling weeds and helping a lady we found in the street paint her house! It was really fun. really hot and a lot of work!
Last day with Monica and Tamera!
Experience of the week: On Saturday we came across a man in the street while we were contacting and when we went to say hi to him he abruptly approached us and got really close and said ``okay convince me what you have is the truth, CONVINCE ME,´´ noticing he was a little under the influence (or a lot) we asked him some questions to get to know him a bit and see where he was coming from before we taught him anything, and he began to ask us some really interesting questions´..... we answered him with a proclamation to the world pamphlet and explained the importance of families, Ernan interrupted us like every 5 seconds,  After walking with us like a whole half block we decided this wasn't the best situation to be in but something prompted me to end the conversation by at least inviting him to church.  Funny thing is when I asked him he asked what time it was at and we told him 10 in the morning and he told us TEN AM THAT'S WAY TOO EARLY FOR ME!!  Then Hermana Jerez told him he needed to start going to church to become a better person and that he will never know if he likes it if he had never has been before.  A typical response from a missionary, but this time it was an inspired response and he put his hand on his chin and loudly proclaimed YOU HAVE A GOOD POINT!   So we gave him the direction and said he didn't recognize the street so we told him we would pick him up outside of his house.  Then on Sunday we get a call at 9:45 and we answer and it was Ernan!  We gave him our number on the back of the pamphlet and he called to ask where we were because he was waiting!!  LONG funny hilarious story short, he went to church, asked 13,927,802,875 questions, asked for a Book of Mormon and has been reading everyday.... We have an appointment with him in 2 hours so pray for Ernan. haha (: Of course we are going with members but I just think it's interesting how people we don't expect to be prepared for the Gospel are sometimes prepared... Only Heavenly Father knows and we have to take advantage of the people that He puts in our path.

I learned a lot this week about the power the Book of Mormon has and I am excited to continue reading it and finding hidden answers to the questions I have.  It's a true inspired tool we have from the Lord.
Monica and Me.  This picture was taken unexpectedly aweeee 
One of my favorite questions Ernan asked on Sunday was ´´Why is everyone getting up and saying that this church and gospel are true... is anyone going to get up and say it's false?  And why do they keep talking about this book that is also true?!  I want a true Book!´´ (:

Well I think that's all... Lydia is doing good, the Lady we found last week who has so many trials, and her family... and the family from Argentina we found as well are doing super well, all progressing. ♥

Well... Love you familia!
Take care
Do your noche de hogares,
read your Scriptures
digan sus oraciones
y tengan una buena semana.
les quiero mucho (say your prayers and have a good week. I love you so much)
♥Hermana Cook

my comp hermana Jerez and I in Blanca´s house our last P day together! were funny

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monica Did It! She Got Baptized!


Monica did it!  She got baptized!  It was such a precious experience.  Of course everything had to be hectic right before the baptism (:  Filling up the font, her baptism dress not fitting, I had to give an unexpected last minute talk because the speaker didn’t show up, we lost the keys to the church.. but HEY, after all that, all turned out just greatWe found a few new families to teach this week.  The family of Muñoz!  Lydia´s story is so heart breaking.  She was raised without her mom and with an alcoholic father.   She told us she wants to find the best for her daughters and said she would get baptized if she knew that the church was true and received a good feeling when she reads the book of Mormon I can’t even begin to tell you how bad of a situation she is in but she is so humble... she literally looks like Lisa Malan.. But she has face piercings and if you judge her from the outside, she looks harsh but I haven’t met a sweeter person we found her and talked to her in the street and I just love love love her! We’ve met some great people this week. 

I am kind of mind boggled right now so sorry if this letters a bit unorganized! We just had a water balloon fight and I got BEAT UP, but don’t worry, I totally conquered... Anyways, my companion and I are doing a lot better (: We found out how to work with our differences because we are actually 100% opposites but we have been able to bring out the fun side in each other.  I really love having Latina companions (: Hopefully I can end my mission with a Latina companion or at least have one more change with a Latina well....I will write more next week.  Love you all see you soon!!!!!! 

Hermana Danielle Cook