Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Heavenly Father, I Know, Is Very Mindful of Each of His Children and I Am Grateful for That

Temple with Texia and mycompanion!!
This week went really well. I absolutely love this ward. I had a lot of pain in my head this week and I have never before in my life had a headache, so this week we had to slow down a little bit. My companion is amazing at helping me realize when I need to take it easy. Sometimes I think I'm invincible but she humbles me every now and then and reminds me I am not!  Haha

So we went to the temple today with a new member of our ward who was less active before she came.  It was a really fun and uplifting experience, especially because she was in a wheel chair the whole time and she told us she felt really loved that we had taken her with us, having to change micros twice! (Large scary wobbly busses we always use here (:  Her name is Texia and she is progressing a lot personally with the recovery time she has which is a huge blessing). 
have never before in my life had a head ache so this week we had to slow down a little bit. MY comp is amazing at helping me realize when i need to take it easy.

This week from reading 3 chapters a day from the Book of Mormon (A goal President put for us).  I have gained a love for the relationship Nefi has with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. His prayers to me seem so simple, sincere and precious and these attributes of his prayers led me to study the topic of prayers.  In Preach My Gospel it says a lot about prayers and the importance of what we pray for and how we pray.  Prayer has always been more or less an easy thing for me to do but I started praying more fervently this week and it actually takes a lot of thinking and energy to pray, listen and receive revelation and answers, which makes sense because if praying were too easy, everyone would do it without problems or hesitation.  Our Heavenly Father I know is very mindful of each of his children and I am grateful for that.  We currently have 4 investigators that I have so much hope for their progression, Rita, Camila, Victor and Sandra (who is actually a reference from metro contacting woohoo!).   Hopefully this week we will be able to see them more since the week of 18 de Septiembre is over (:

I think that’s it (: 

Short message, but I love you all and we can talk in 3 months for Christmas! xoxoxoxooxoxox
Hermana Cook
Teeny has a nice guapo, lindo, atractivo tractor!!

Have a super sassy semana
 Hermanita Danielle N. Cook

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We Are Super Protected

Fotos noche de hogar con Marianela y Millarai

So,  I really really want to send photos but I am scared on this computer!!!!  Next week I’ll go to the church to send pics (: I have some really good ones of our nerf war and when we went bowling ((:

This sector is so great! But way way hard... yesterday we knocked doors for hourssss and no one wanted us :( One girl who had about 15 years opened the door, and said ´´nobody’s home!´´ and she didn’t even shut the door... she just stared at us.  Hermana Jerez looked at her, and BUSTED UP LAUGHING... I wanted to ask her “if.. the nobody at home would let us share a message about Jesus Christ”, but the laughter of my companion distracted me and made me giggle so the girl shut the door.  I definitely do not blame my companion because we had had a longgg day with the people here.   Everyone’s favorite excuse that we talk to actually turns out to be… ´´ I am Catholic, but I don’t have time to go to church and God understands´´ or something along those lines..... They use the love of Heavenly Father as an EXCUSE.  I don’t understand.. I am sure if Hermana Jerez and I had a million dollars to give them, they would be ´´unbusy´´!  But the sad thing is that the message of eternal families is worth a lot more than a million dollars and people aren’t ready to understand that yet /: 

But we have had REALLY cool experiences with the lessons that we have taught.  We are seeing the atonement work in two of the families in particular in the ward that we have been working with these past 5 weeks.  They started doing family prayers and reading together and the oldest daughter in the family told us she said the prayer to bless the food for the first time in years (:  We are really excited. 

NEWS OF THE WEEK:  Well I don’t know if you know, my dear family, but we will be on lock down from 6pm tonight until this Friday morning in our pension (apartment) because on September 11th  (41 years ago)  the military invaded here and killed a bunch of people so it is more or less celebrated by a day of rioting.... and it is dangerous outside.  There was actually a bomb placed in the metro and it exploded and wounded 8 people and paralyzed a few people as well!  BUT MOTHER RHONDA FISHER COOK, don’t worry (: We are super protected. Oooohhh, cool story about protection:  There was actually a truck crash this week in our sector and we could have been on that street at the moment that the crash happened but we decided to go two streets up and contact a different street for 30 minutes... and in this short time a truck had plunged into a parked car, hit a tree and the driver died... WE ACTUALLY SAW A DEAD PERSON!  But Hermana Jerez and I recognized the protection we had had.
Also, I watched a mensaje Mormon (Mormon message)  this week about pornography and it talked about the danger that it has on families and I LOVED IT’S MESSAGE!   I read Moses chapter 7-9 because of this 3 minute video and it has changed my mission.  I had a super hard time my past 2 transfers but the message of the atonement in this video made me feel powerful against Satan and powerless in comparison to our Heavenly Father, I recommend you watch it and analyze it as a family for FHE
Well.... Love you all have a super sassy week!
See you all sooooon
Hermana Cook