Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's Juan Carlos and his grand baby 
Sol who is 3 years old!
Wow this week was a crazy one (:  JUAN CARLOS CAME TO CHURCH AND LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Finallyyyyy. We are so thrilled I cant even tell you!  
So this week Hermana Castleton and I wore holes through our shoes. You can see straight through the hole in my right shoe and I can put my entire thumb through it. I am so sad! This is a good and bad thing. Means we've been working hard finding people but it also means we haven't had a lot of sit down time! And it means we have to wear new shoes. I'm so sad. But its okay, I love my mission SO much. 

Okay experiences time.  So this week we had planned to teach the law of Chastity to a newer convert of 3 years who is also a menas activa (less active) because we recently found out her boyfriend moved in with her.  She has had cancer for 2 years and is SUPER STUNNING GORGEOUS. She lost all of her hair and is starting to grow it back.  Her cancer is terminal and shes not sure how much time she has left here on Earth. The spirit in her house when we entered this week felt different,  and she was a bit quieter and seemed to be a bit out of it when we sat down to talk to her.  She looked horrible.. not in a physical appearance way, but in her countenance.  Hermana Castleton and I have been working really hard these past few weeks in asking inspired questions.  So the lesson began and the spirit taught.  We listened with real intent and full heartedly wanted to find out why she looked so depressed.  Finally after a nice 30 second silence, the words of a pained woman came from her mouth telling us that she is 3 months pregnant.  Our hearts sank and I cant even express how anguished our hearts were. Here is a 45 year old woman, with terminal cancer, with out a husband, who is now expecting a baby.  She told us she had never felt guilty for anything in her life ever until now.  She started to cry and our eyes teared up with her.  The story of Alma came into my mind so I opened up chapter 36 and had her read.  Long story short, she agreed to go talk to the bishop and get this taken care of and she couldn't thanks us enough time for our visit.  I learned a million and 6 things from this visit.  The first being to STAY AWAY FROM SLIPPERY SLOPES. Satan doesn't care how strong you think you are, he will try and get you to fall.  Simple things that appear only a little harmless can have soulfully painful consequences.  The second thing I learned is anyone can repent with the Atonement, Look at Paul, Alma, and even ME!  It's for all people that need to improve (aka everyone) I love it.  The third thing is that the spirit knows everyone.  He knows what they need and what they want and what they have done (: I really learned to rely on Him a lot more than ever this week with Hermana Castleton! It was fantastic.

Our number of lessons are improving and our ability to teach as one has also been improving a ton as well! Hermana Castleton is seriously my best friend and I'm loving all the things we are learning together.
Okay now embrace yourself for the next part cause this is where it gets fun (:
People and things always change, especially on the mission.  I promised my self I wouldn't do this, but Heavenly Father knows best so I decided for the good of everything I changed(:  It might be a temporary change but it was necessary and I've been loving it so here ya go!!!
SUSHI ... My Favorite!

Sol and I playing, she picked 
a flower for me! 

        Princesses Hermana Cook
               & Princess Sol


       Santiago Chile South Mission 
           Snap Backa woohoo! ♥


Elder Bischoff y Elder Peterson with 
our Lider Misional, Hermano Barra

The Zone La Cisterna. Almost all.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Well, what can I say about this week??  So much happened.  We almost doubled our average amount of lessons, saw the hand of the Lord in almost every step we took and for the first time

Oh, I have to acknowledge the death of my first pair of Spanish scriptures.  Yes I almost cried.  The binding unglued and all the pages started falling out.  I have NO idea how because I treated them like a baby.   They were SO beautifully marked up, and they were so precious to me, but have no fear, I bought new ones. (:

So this week I want to talk about my companion Hermana Whitney Castleton. We had SO much unity between our teaching this week it was a blessing.  We got to watch each others testimonies in ACCION!  I don't know how she puts up with me as a companera (companion) either.  I make the dumbest jokes and some how she finds it in herself to laugh and then we're happily laughing down the street together.  I love how if we never would have decided to serve a mission we wouldn't have even known the other existed.  We will be life ling friends no doubt.

This week we both had received great revelations.  For example we had stopped in front of some random door so I could write something in my agenda, and Hermana Castleton said, ``I think we should knock on this door`` and before I could stop writing and say okay!  She knocked and out came a nice looking lady, around the age of 50 and guess what, SHE HAD BEEN BAPTIZED and wants us to come by this week to teach her.  WOW how cool was that.  I love my companion.  I have been so blessed with being with her for another change (transfer), and I wouldn't mind 10 more.  We are happy busy bees in this sector! (:

We found two other menos activos (less active members) and 2 new investigators this week. One if 86 (ines) and the other is 55(secilia), both girls.  We have been so blessed to have found these two gems and hope and pray they will be able to preserver and progress♥

I know personal revaluation is given to those who seek it, Hermana Castleton and I have both received witnesses of that this week and I am so grateful.  Our Heavenly Father is mindful of us.  Our roommates this week told us we were such good examples and they are going to try to be strictly obedient this week as well, which we are grateful for because we need an apartment of obedience♥  I am loving all the things I am learning here.  The work is hard but the days are bright.  We have been extremely blessed this week and I am so grateful for that.  We have felt the Love of our Heavenly Father for sure this week.

Have a super sassy week and take care!  Hope you all are enjoying the cold!  Drink some hot cocoa for me!!!! (:

Teeny your tractor is looking mightyyy fineeee!!! (: 
♥Siempre, hermana Cook

mommy I love you so much.  Your concern is a huge act of love.  Thank you for caring so much.  I seriously want to hug you through this computer screen.  Thank you for your 20 years of support in my life.  I wouldn't be here without your example.  But no, everything is fine here...water and all! (:  cant send photos today :( next week.  This computer is lame.  Love you tons

From Danielle's mother.  As a wonderful blessing I get to read Danielle's companions emails each week. I had to share her email. It was such a powerful testimony I could not resist. 

Whitney's email:
My dear family and wonderful friends. Thank you for gathering around the letter I am writing today, the 19 de Enero 2014. It is great to feel your love through the screen, directing my thoughts and the inspiration of the Spirit and I thank you for your assistance. 
Well, we have had one record of a week this time around. I didn't think I would come to this point ever in my time here as a missionary, but I LOVE my mission. I love the people. I love my trials and getting up demasiado (too) early and eating way too much food and feeling like I'm gaining pesos by the moment. I love my sore feet and my tired muscles and my exhausted, overworked mind. I love the holes I've worn into the heels and soles of my shoes. I love being constantly drenched in my own sweat and I love the whistling ugly drunk men. I LOVE THE MISSION: 
I have never in my life recognized the close proximity of Lucifer and his angels to those who obediently try to do the work of God. Satan is real. I want to testify to each of you, look you personally in the eyes, take and shake you by the shoulders and implore you to be careful. He is very clever. He is smart and he does not want us to win. In anything. He wins when our grip on the part of us that God can dwell is penetrated by the stain of sin or guilt. He hates us, he knows he is going to lose the fight he's been fighting and he will try in every angle he possibly can to get you to think the little things don't matter.
Don't let him think you can't change. If you've sinned, made mistakes or plain messed up, change your perspective. Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ don't limit the number of times you can use the Atonement. It is there as a gift free of charge and you are worthy to become worthy through His love, blood and sacrifice. 
The last week I have witnessed of the battle between the two powers. I cannot tell you how much power the power of God has over the devil. The world is evil, it is true. I cannot tell you how downhill and plain awful the world has become. But there is good. There is God and there is the word and power of God. He will not let us be tempted or suffer more than we can handle. God is in control. He knows how to run the show, and don't think otherwise. Satan will fight the fight. He will battle until our last drop of sweat has fallen and our will is the size of a grain of sand. But keep fighting. We need you. We need your talents and abilities to equip the saints and disciples of Christ with the weapons of truth and righteousness. 
My dear, beautiful comp Hermana Cook is a blessing in my life. A miracle, as well. She has taught me and helped me become closer to my Father in Heaven the last change and a bit since the beginning. She is a wonderful example of patience. Until the last several days, I haven't been saying much in lessons because I never knew or recognized when or what to say. But my comp told me she needs me. She needs my testimony and support in the lessons so we can both receive revelation for the people we teach. I didn't realize how powerful the power of two testimonies is, when we both teach a lesson by the Spirit, compared to the lessons before. I feel more edified and concentrated in my work, the Spirit gives me peace and I feel the presence of God is closer.
In the year 2014 in the month of Enero on a boiling, sweltering summer day in Santiago Chile, there were two young woman. A short, sassy blond and a quirky brunette, dressed in skirts and walking with long strides down a filthy street. On their chests, a small rectangular black tag reflected the sunlight.... Well that's how I picture ourselves. I don't have as much time as I thought so we'll give the condensed version. We found Elva and Mario again. And we taught BOMB lessons. The Spirit was there, we testified, used scriptures and taught the Plan of Salvation. They accepted a fecha (date) and were baptized yesterday... Nah! Era una broma. Disculpe, Lunes (it was a joke, Sorry) I am always in a distracted mood. But we taught them the PDS and the second time, Elva asked the question I love to answer. Why are you here? Are you here to baptize us? Well, Elva, let me just tell you with burning passion the reason I am here. En serio, (seriously)  I love this question. I told her we are representatives of Jesucristo and we are here, called by God to this specific area for a specific purpose. To preach the gospel and invite others to come to Christ. Hermana Cook explained we are here to bring souls to Christ and that is through baptism. We have yet to drop the question bomb, but we are feeling the urgency to do it. They fed us a half a watermelon each. It was delicious. I've yet to have a bad, watery watermelon here. Mmm. I am sending you a mental picture through the screen... Smile. It is very delicious. 
Entonces, I want you each to know that I love you. I love the sacrifice and examples you are for me and I cannot thank you enough for the tender mercies each of your lives are. Thank you for your love and the apoyo (support).  I cannot pay you back in money, but I promise to work harder to bring God's will to this people and send the blessings to them through your support. I love this mission. This time is a blessed time and I would not give it up for anything. I love everything I have learned and changed and the doubts and fears I've left behind. I enjoy the challenges we face. 
As an informe (report), I am very near finishing my 6 month mark. I have nearly completed a third of my mission. AND I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE! It's just starting to get real and good. Time flies when you're... exhausted and sore from doing more than 6 hours of walking every day under the direct rays of the sun! I love you all.
Until we meet again, next week, God be with you this day and always.
Hermana Castleton

Monday, January 13, 2014


AHHHH! Our bishop is giving us such a hard time!  We asked if we could plan a ward activity because its been a longggg time since they have had one and Hermana Castleton and I really felt that this ward needs A LOT more unity, with the number of members going from 70 to about 40 because of the building change this past month.  AND BISHOP SAID WARD ACTIVITIES ARE TOO INCONVENIENT and that they usually take a whole two weeks to plan them and no one comes.  THAT'S CAUSE TWO WEEKS IS NOTHING when you want to plan a good activity.  He said if we want to do an activity we couldn't do it in the church and we couldn't have food... So were kind of stuck at this moment.  He also won't have meetings with us because of the rule in the white hand book that says we can't be in the house with men without another woman.  I know with all my heart that each bishop holds keys to help the members in the ward but it's just been really hard and I am really trying to love him because I know he is inspired... in some way! hahah no but he really loves us Hermanas and we know that.  He loves to talk with us and appreciates what we do, it's just this one time he's been hard to put up with.  He just doesn't understand a few things.  (okay sorry for the start of negativity) but good news!!!  We finally were able to teach more lessons this week, which felt so good. (: We felt more like we were helping the work move along.  Our Zone Leader, Elder Alldredge gave an awesome lesson on urgency and it really helped remotivate us this past week and all of our investigators seemed more receptive to us, which was a HUGE blessing.  Our sector is doing well, we are finding people to teach but a lot are not wanting to progress as much as we would like them to so we are starting to stop visiting people, which is hard to do because we are finally teaching a good amount of lessons.

Our investigators are strong, but 2 have huge problems with the word of wisdom, and they are having a hard time seeing why they need to quit their harmful habits.  We have had great lessons with them, and they say they feel good when we come, but are unmotivated after we leave.  I´m worried they don't understand the importance of praying and really finding our for them selves if the Book of Mormon is true and if they really should break their bad habits of drinking and smoking.  I know all people can change, I just wish they believed more in themselves and understood more of the blessings and atonement! All we want is for them to try it.

This week I really want to focus on finding more scriptures about the Doctrine of Christ and apply them to myself.  I studied repentance today and realized there is A LOT of things I do not know about the doctrines, so I really want to focus on that this week specifically.  I love finding new fun things to study every day!

ALSO OTHER GOOD NEWS!! Hermana Castleton and I get another change (transfer) together!! woohoooo. (: We've been doing so well together.  We realized we've already completed 5 months of our missions and it went so fast!  Despite the heat and appointments that tend to fall through more than not, we've done well.


Take care my lovelies. xoxoxo

I as Danielle's mother could not resist to post this:  Another tender mercy the Lord has brought us during Danielle's mission is that I have been able to have the pleasure of being able to read Danielle's companions (Whitney Castleton) emails also.  Whitney writes the sweetest things about Danielle and I have to share what she says.  It brings tears to my eyes because Whitney is so "Right On" when she speaks of Danielle.  I know Danielle is just thrilled to be able to spend more time with Hermana Castleton :)

Whitney writes this week:

 haven't had one in months. Woohoooo
I love my Hermana. Hermana Cook is an inspiration of selfless and radiant obedience. She does things radiantly. When she's laughing like a sneaky cat or talking Spanish in a horrid Texas accent or when we're in lessons and our investigadors are driving her bonkers, she does it all with radiance. She is truly an example to me. I have loved her since the beginning, but as we've become closer, as we help the weaknesses of each other become strengths, we have realized what a blessing togetherness is. We have another cambio juntas (transfer together), which is wonderful. We clearly have more to learn from each other and we have more people to find and miracles to bring. When we teach with togetherness, that is when we invite the Spirit.

Concrete Projec

This is margarita and her puppy!
We are teaching her mother Zulema! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

My First Chilean Sunburn! ouch...It's currently 100 Degrees

This week was also a tough one, but I feel we are getting some things rolling!  We are trying to organize a time to meet with a bishop to plan a ward activity since they have not had one in a while. So we are hoping that this will help bring them closer together.
Towards the end of this week, we saw some fun miracles!  I got my first really bad sunburn, and we found a mother and two children, 10 and 12 years old, to teach. The little girl's names are Evanjelica and Carla.  We met them on Saturday and they went to church with us this week, their mother could not go but she is planning to come next week.  Both of the girls LOVED Church and want to go every week now and Carla even wants to go to girls camp with the youth in the ward.  They are the cutest, most energetic girls ever, during sacrament meeting, Anjelica wanted to bare her testimony and I asked her if she had a testimony, her smile dropped and she said no.. I asked if she knew that God loves us and if Jesus was born to help us with our mistakes and she said yes, so I told her that that was a testimony, the things we know to be true and things we feel in our heart.  She excitedly grabbed my hand and her sister's and made their way to the pulpit, they both bore their simple, precious testimonies about faith and God and that their mother had taught them to never give up and seguir adelante (move forward).  I think this was the most spiritual sacrament meeting I have ever attended.  They asked such simple questions during the
meeting that really made me think about why we do things a certain way, and then I had to try to explain in a way that a 10 and 12 year old could understand. 

I love the Church and all the blessings we receive from attending and really listen to the prayers and pay attention to the feelings there.  I can't believe the miracles and blessings we see and receive by doing this work. Its so fun! :)  Hermana Castleton is so great, we have grown so close this change and through our trials. I absolutely love her with all my heart.  Wish I could write more. So much crazy stuff happened this week with contacting.  We found a lady who had had cancer and she stopped us and started bawling saying she wanted to end her life and I didn't know what to do except hug her and hold her and try to explain a bit of the plan Heavenly Father has for us.  She cried on me for about 15 minutes out side of her house and we set up a return appointment with her next week, so I really hope she's okay.  After a while when she let go of me we asked if we could sing her a hymn and we sang Abide with me tis even tide and she cried through the whole thing.  It felt so weird after we left. She is a Gypsy so we have to be kind of careful when we go back because a lot of them are deceitful, but her pain was real and that's all I knew.
We are seeing blessings from our obedience.  The scriptures teach us almost every time it talks about prospering, we need to KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. always :) 

We're still teaching Juan Carlos and the family we had found a few weeks ago (Marco and Francisca)
and they all have very big obstacles to overcome with the Polabora De Sabiduria... oops, that is the Word of Wisdom. (: So guess what we did.  We found a cigarette box on the side of the road, decorated it with Jesus pictures and rolled up pieces of paper with scriptures on them so when Francisca feels tempted to smoke, she can find a scripture!  I'll send you pictures.  They're spiritual cigarettes. bahaha.  So much happened this week that I can't even write all of about it right now and try to explain.  Presidente Allread in the CCM said we will find our deepest rooted testimonies in the Gettos of Chile, I read my journal last night and found that out and I can now see how true that is!  I love this mission so much!!

Miss you and love you all
Have a super sassy week
Read your scriptures
Say your prayers
Don't break curfew
Eat a snickers for me
Drink a Dr Pepper 
Hug the family and always smile!!

Austin I'm loving your tractor and I'll see you all soon!
♥ La Hermana Cook

My BBF Companion Hermana Castleton

PS.  Just to let you know, mom, I didn't get new skirts.  I'm wearing Hermana Castleton's and she gave me that cute blue one!!!  I love it!!  I love her!!   She’s so great!!  We’re like BFFs!!

for any of you who know me, I DO NOT LIKE
OWLS... They scare me!

Visiting my favorite convert, Waldo!

Hermana Castleton, Waldo and ME!