Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Danielle's First email from the MTC in Chili July 31, 2013

Leaving from airport and saying
"See you later" to my family

Sorry I couldn't call you at the airport. things are going good.  Rooms are small... language us hard!  I can do it, but it will definitely take some time and patience.   I need all the prayers and fasting I can get.  Sorry for the grammar but we only have 10 minutes.

So far I learned that Chileans have little, but they give a lot.  The MTC is nice and cold and basically Chili is located in a cloud and it's foggy a lot of the time.  I loved all of your letters and Tate wrote me an awesome one that almost had me in tears.

Most of the missionaries are from Utah so people think its cool I'm from Vegas.

I also didn't have to lift a single bag through the entire flights or anywhere.  Chileans are super friendly and helpful.  Maybe cause I'm blond. TEEHEE. jk.

My letters are about to get spiritual over the next few months so enjoy my silly ones!  Love you all to the moon and back.
Final Picture taken in Las Vegas
by Tyler Hardy's Mom

Austin, I think your tractor is attractive... cause I don't know if they filter our letters.

Hope you're doing well mommy and daddy.  Don't worry about me I'm in good hands and hopefully I don't get discouraged anytime soon!  The flight was SOOO long and I didn't sleep at all so I'm going on over 24 hours with  no sleep.  Planes are NEVER for sleeping, but the view from the window was pretty all night :) 

The keyboards are Spanish so I can't find some punctuation marks and stuff, kind of weird.. but tomorrow I'll be more rested hopefully and I'll have a better written letter next time.  I'm not proofreading this one so hopefully you can understand it.  I love the girls I'm rooming with this time around but they're super out going and I'm so tired I'm not even making much of an effort to be out going but that's okay!  It will naturally come in its own time.

Make sure you're all saying your personal prayers and scriptures!!  I have to memorize lots of things in Spanish so I feel a little like I'm drowning but it's totally possible to get them all memorized.

All the Sisters in Atlantic Airport
Headed to Santiago, Chile
Food here is fattening. ALL STARCH :( those are sad faces.

It's corn, rice, bread, pasta, beans, and all have nooo flavoring but that's okay.  I'll be super happy to get a pizza when I'm over there.

gotta go

xoxoxoxooxox love you

All the Elders in Atlantic Airport Headed to Santiago Chile
Love, Hermana Cook

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