Monday, June 2, 2014


WELL! This week was very interesting..... I am learning a lot of love, patience and charity.  This is my first change with a disobedient companion.  We get along SO well, she is practically the Latina version of me, but... disobedient.   This week she pretended to call presidente and tell him that she didn't want to be a missionary any more so we could go home early.  We had a very long talk about this because we missed a family home evening and another appointment. You can all be assured that I was not happy. After some scriptures, and a ´´you need to not be selfish´´ lecture she apologized and we are back on track again... for now at least. UGH pray for me haha This week we had to go through and clean out all of the non progressing investigators... which happened to be all of them so we get to start from scratch! WOOHOO (: 

Wanna know a secret??  I LOVE DOOR CONTACTING.  It is my favorite way to find people... call me crazy, but you can really see who has been being prepared by the Lord and who just isn't ready quite yet.  We got invited into three houses this week that's a record!!!! ♥  This sector is a sector of HOPE! Also, I had another opportunity to fall in love with the Plan of Salvation.  This week a friend from back home passed away from high school and the day after I found out, we went to a members house and their father was laying on the couch looking half dead and warn out.  He has blood cancer and doesn't know how much longer he has on this earth.  He is full of faith hope and says every time his pain takes his breath away, he thinks of the atonement and it doesn't seem so bad.  Safe to say I was bawling thinking about Chris, grandpa and Austin (another friend that had passed away) and the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ and the perfect Plan our Heavenly Father has for all of his children. Rough week this week but we saw many beautiful blessings.  5 non/less actives were at church this week and we found 3 awesome people last night.  Also, a less active from my other ward El Parrón found me and brought me tights, pens, super cute boots, gloves and a super cute note.  Her name is Katy and we are actually going to go back to my old sector today (With permission of course) to have lunch with her.  The love people have here for missionaries is something I actually didn't know existed until I came on a mission.  I did not know a single name of a single missionary that served in the wards at home in Vegas and I assumed it was the same every where.  And I plan on knowing them better when I get home haha but this week was full of every emotion that I think I have ever felt all in one week.  I love the mission.  I feel so peaceful and happy in this sector.  The Lord has blessed me with a lot of love for my companion and for this sector (: We are doing better and I only hope things go uphill from here♥ 

I love you all!  Hope you have a super sassy week (: (: 

Chao! xoxoxoxox

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