Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Every chance you get, share the Plan of Salvation with someone

A note from Danielle's Mom:  I believe Danielle's email was so short because she found out from a friend of hers that another friend she knew was killed in a snowboarding accident.  She personally messaged me this note:  I am in an awkward mood right now.  I'll tell you why in a few weeks ♥
Don't worry though.  Just know I love you a lot and I'll send pics next week.

The following is her sweet short note this week :)

My comp is a Latina me!  Love her so much, we teach well together.  Love my ward.  I feel like family here.  I am in love with my sector.
I love the plan of salvation.  Every chance you get, share it with someone, you don't know if they have had a loss in their family recently or someone close to them along time ago.  The Plan of Salvation is my favorite and it has become one of the closest things to my heart on my mission.  I love it.
Be a missionary.  You don't need an official missionary tag, you don't need to be 20 years old.  Have family home evenings, and invite people and the missionaries.  It's fun and a good way to share the Gospel (:

love you. hugs and kisses.
Hermana Cook

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