Monday, November 25, 2013

Our FIRST found Baptism. Waldo was beaming Saturday after his baptism!

This week was filled with a little more stress than the weeks in the past, but sometimes that is necessary in order for us to change things about our points of view!
I was able to share more experiences and in the lessons this week and really looked for and had the desire to say more.  It is really fun to see what the Holy Ghost puts in our minds to tell our investigators.  Sometimes we don´t think what we're saying applies, but then they tell us that the experience we had just shared with them was just what they´ve needed.  The more I talk in lessons, the more I want to share with them and others.  It is really true how when we exercise our faith and try it out for ourselves, we really do grow!  Our sector is really great and I feel so blessed to have started my mission here. 
Waldo was absolutely BEAMING Saturday after his baptism, and on Sunday after he was confirmed as a member.  I have never seen anyone work the floor of the chapel as a runway before.  He came down from the stand a new man.  He has already been given an assignment and was interviewed for the priesthood.  He is the cutest man ever.  I am so happy for him. 
Also, this week for service we searched high and low!  We finally found something to help the Bishop and his wife out by helping them cut out masks for about 45 minutes for a project they had to complete and it we were rewarded with laughs and the thanks of Hermana Sierra and Bishop.  They are such amazing people. We also found a house to paint next week, yippeee!!  All-in-all this week I´ve learned a lot.  Hermana Leavitt is great and I can´t believe how much I have been able to learn from one person in such a short amount of time.  Hopefully I will be able to take what she has taught me and apply it to the rest of my companions, mission and life. (:
In interviews this week Presidente told me I would be stretched in ways that I couldn't possibly imagine and I will benefit a lot if I work my hardest.. So I've come to the conclusion that this means I will be put with a hermana with the same amount of time as me, because there's only 2 new hermanas coming this transfer and they will be trained by the Hermanas' that have had 8+ months. So that's a good thing!!  But I am ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way.  Sometimes the ´´I cant do this´´ comes to my head but some divine power happens to push it out.  So I know that I am capable even though it may be the toughest thing I will ever do! 
This week we had our record number of lessons and I enjoyed my last P-Day with Hermana Leavitt as my companion. 
Hope all has been well with the family! Miss you and we get to Skype in 1 month yippeee!!!! :) 
kay that's all!
Chao ♥
xooxoxo  Hermana Cook!
ELDER KURNS CAN DO THE SPLITZ!! hahahah he's so precious.
the ones with the towels are Hermana Mooney, Hermana Leavitt, Hermana Cook and Hermana Vincent! (in that order)
Hermana Activity!
Hermana Water Activity ♥
Who says Hermanas can't Jump!
Making American chocolate chip cookies with our beautiful Young Womens
Lunch with Waldo
Our English Class

Our Crazy English Class!
Waldo writing in English.  We were cracking up!  It's suppose to say, "I ate three things" but he tried to write "eated"  but he wrote "heated"! LOL

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Another View of the place I e-mail each week

Family Home Evening With Mayra

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