Monday, November 4, 2013

Focus on the Happiess of Others

I didn't feel earth quakes at all! And don't worry about my safety mom. The Lords hand is in all things. If I die here then he needs me more then people need me here!! I'm great :) In my blessing it says I will return home so don't even worry about that :) Okay ? I love you way so much!

My DearElder Package I received
from my Daddy!
So this week went very well with teaching lessons, we taught the law of chastity to Claudio and Rosario and it was one of the most peaceful lessons I've been in. I love having the Holy Ghost teach the lessons for us. But our sector is doing great! Things are progressing and we taught a lesson with the young women this week for Sunday class! I can't wait to officially be called as second councilors. Young women are so powerful, and I love helping them realize how great Heavenly Father hopes and expects them to be. I love these young women! Right now we have Waldo as a secure progress towards baptism, and he has received the confirmation from the Lord that this Gospel is what he needs. He's just working on progressing in a few more things, and then he is golden! He asked us to change his date though because he said he has a confession to make to us. And he then told us he owns a side business that has been very successful. Its a new wine business. And he says he wants to Liquidate it before he get baptized. UHM HELLO...?  HOW GREAT IS HE?! So yes, we had to change his date to the 23rd instead of the 9th, but he's making such great progression I love it!

So this week for service, we went to help an elderly woman clean her house and I was taught the biggest lesson on the charity that Christ has for all of His children. This old lady's name is Ximena. She is an inactive member and has a hard time finding peace and happiness, but of course we didn't hesitate to help her out! But, after 45 minutes of helping her clean, we asked if we could share a scripture with her and she absolutely went CRAZY. She would not let us share anything and told us that we didn't know how to work like women should, and all of these other things. She then told me to clean up her dog's pee and then hand-wash the rag after. I don't know if I would have done it if it weren't for the lesson that we had taught the young women about charity earlier in the day. But I thought of the Savior and the service he did for us and how he would have showed his love for Ximena; So I did as she wanted. After listening to her yell a little bit longer about her hard life and how horrible women we were, we just gave up trying to share a scripture with her and settled for at least saying a prayer. After we left I thought about the fact that Heavenly Father loves Ximena as much as Thomas S. Monson and how I really wish to develop this love. So that is what I've decided to focus on this week. And for the past week, I focused a lot on the effect complaining has on our work, and that if we truly forget what makes us unhappy  and focus on the happiness of others, our eyes will be opened to more miracles. 
Well, I think that's is for now. Hope I have another week of progression with everything here on my mission. Take care! 
♥Simpre, Hermana Cook :) Chao!! 

Companions Birthday Dinner !
I decorated my companions area for her birthday!
My birthday note to my companion!

An interesting tree we found!
More zone games on P-Day!! Whoopee
Eating the popcorn I got from my package
while watching missionary training video!

Me scraping dog poop from the bottom of my shoe!
My companion thought this was worthy of documenting

My district leader..Elder Allen :)

My fancy Chilean CTR ring! (Choose the right)

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