Monday, November 11, 2013

The Lord Loves Broken Things!

This week we've been working with a lot of inactive members and guess what? Well, you can't guess... so I'm going to tell you.  I finally broke down and cried two days ago.  Umm, it happened.  I've never had my heart broken before, but when I found out that one of our 15 year old young women's was pregnant I got in my bed and couldn't hold it in.  My heart broke.  This week was rough.  Raquel told us that she didn't want us to visit her because she only feels happy when were in her house for that hour and after we leave she is upset again so she thinks its pointless and she doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon with out us there.  Luckily though, I felt at peace when we left her house.  Something told me she will accept the Gospel, but now is just not her time.  Lots of good came from this week though, Waldo finished the Book of Mormon and we had 9 in-actives come to church and we found 2 new awesome investigators!  One is a gangster :) And he went to church and said he really likes it and he's fulfilling ALL of his commitments so far.  He read all of Ether 12 and the little restoration folleta we gave him. :) 

I'm loving all the in-actives coming to church.  President Cook pointed out that:  the Lord loves lost and broken things.  Just think of the stories and parables of the scriptures that show this.  For example; the lost sheep, the lost coin, the laborers in the vineyard, the woman taken in adultery, the thief on the cross, the calling of Saul, the conversion of Alma, and more.  It's super clear that God loves lost and broken things. Why?  Because we all fall short.  But he promises us that our ¨brokenness¨ can be fixed and that the lost can be found.  Above all broken things, the Lord loves most is a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  He says give me your broken heart and I will give it back to you healed.  Grace is the healing, the finding and fixing process.  I love this so much.  I kind of feel this is why I was always around the type of people I was around.  I love helping people and I'm seriously so in love with my mission!  We had such a great day today and GUESS WHATTTTTT... Elder Holland is coming tomorrow so I am preparing for a huge jump start to this week.  We are are so excited.  Also we did a Barbecue for P-Day and were trying to arrange a day for paint balling next week but well see how that goes. 
Please keep praying that the members stop feeding us so much and that the spirit can continue to work through me so I can speak and teach well.
Also I got the Christmas package!!!!!! already! WOOHOOO
I have pics of it yay!!

Austin I think you have a sexy tractor and I miss your hugs.
Landon I miss your blond hair and blue eyes and you're hilarious jokes.
Brooklyn stop growing. Just Kidding :)  You can grow.  Just know to continue growing your testimony too!  I miss my midget a lot!
Mommy and daddy keep laughing and loving! 
Miss you all  :) Remember don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright

♥♥♥  Pray, love and grow!  Have a super sassy week
Hermana Cook
All my favorites, Takis, pringles, rolos and Christmas Presents

Opening my package from my family!

Merry Christmas with our pink tree I bought and decorated

Elders hugging out in the field.  
They didn't know we were taking 
the picture.  My hand with nail polish
and Hermana Earls Hand

WLADO my investigator, my companion and Silvia a new member!

On top of a tall box by the church just chillin' on Preparatory day!

HERMANAS!!  and Elder Intriago
Silly Elders cooking for us!  We love them

Group Photo!

Kicking butt at soccer.  That's my companion in black!!

Elders in our district

Ward Activity!  Chilean Night!

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