Monday, January 6, 2014

My First Chilean Sunburn! ouch...It's currently 100 Degrees

This week was also a tough one, but I feel we are getting some things rolling!  We are trying to organize a time to meet with a bishop to plan a ward activity since they have not had one in a while. So we are hoping that this will help bring them closer together.
Towards the end of this week, we saw some fun miracles!  I got my first really bad sunburn, and we found a mother and two children, 10 and 12 years old, to teach. The little girl's names are Evanjelica and Carla.  We met them on Saturday and they went to church with us this week, their mother could not go but she is planning to come next week.  Both of the girls LOVED Church and want to go every week now and Carla even wants to go to girls camp with the youth in the ward.  They are the cutest, most energetic girls ever, during sacrament meeting, Anjelica wanted to bare her testimony and I asked her if she had a testimony, her smile dropped and she said no.. I asked if she knew that God loves us and if Jesus was born to help us with our mistakes and she said yes, so I told her that that was a testimony, the things we know to be true and things we feel in our heart.  She excitedly grabbed my hand and her sister's and made their way to the pulpit, they both bore their simple, precious testimonies about faith and God and that their mother had taught them to never give up and seguir adelante (move forward).  I think this was the most spiritual sacrament meeting I have ever attended.  They asked such simple questions during the
meeting that really made me think about why we do things a certain way, and then I had to try to explain in a way that a 10 and 12 year old could understand. 

I love the Church and all the blessings we receive from attending and really listen to the prayers and pay attention to the feelings there.  I can't believe the miracles and blessings we see and receive by doing this work. Its so fun! :)  Hermana Castleton is so great, we have grown so close this change and through our trials. I absolutely love her with all my heart.  Wish I could write more. So much crazy stuff happened this week with contacting.  We found a lady who had had cancer and she stopped us and started bawling saying she wanted to end her life and I didn't know what to do except hug her and hold her and try to explain a bit of the plan Heavenly Father has for us.  She cried on me for about 15 minutes out side of her house and we set up a return appointment with her next week, so I really hope she's okay.  After a while when she let go of me we asked if we could sing her a hymn and we sang Abide with me tis even tide and she cried through the whole thing.  It felt so weird after we left. She is a Gypsy so we have to be kind of careful when we go back because a lot of them are deceitful, but her pain was real and that's all I knew.
We are seeing blessings from our obedience.  The scriptures teach us almost every time it talks about prospering, we need to KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS. always :) 

We're still teaching Juan Carlos and the family we had found a few weeks ago (Marco and Francisca)
and they all have very big obstacles to overcome with the Polabora De Sabiduria... oops, that is the Word of Wisdom. (: So guess what we did.  We found a cigarette box on the side of the road, decorated it with Jesus pictures and rolled up pieces of paper with scriptures on them so when Francisca feels tempted to smoke, she can find a scripture!  I'll send you pictures.  They're spiritual cigarettes. bahaha.  So much happened this week that I can't even write all of about it right now and try to explain.  Presidente Allread in the CCM said we will find our deepest rooted testimonies in the Gettos of Chile, I read my journal last night and found that out and I can now see how true that is!  I love this mission so much!!

Miss you and love you all
Have a super sassy week
Read your scriptures
Say your prayers
Don't break curfew
Eat a snickers for me
Drink a Dr Pepper 
Hug the family and always smile!!

Austin I'm loving your tractor and I'll see you all soon!
♥ La Hermana Cook

My BBF Companion Hermana Castleton

PS.  Just to let you know, mom, I didn't get new skirts.  I'm wearing Hermana Castleton's and she gave me that cute blue one!!!  I love it!!  I love her!!   She’s so great!!  We’re like BFFs!!

for any of you who know me, I DO NOT LIKE
OWLS... They scare me!

Visiting my favorite convert, Waldo!

Hermana Castleton, Waldo and ME!

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