Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's Juan Carlos and his grand baby 
Sol who is 3 years old!
Wow this week was a crazy one (:  JUAN CARLOS CAME TO CHURCH AND LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Finallyyyyy. We are so thrilled I cant even tell you!  
So this week Hermana Castleton and I wore holes through our shoes. You can see straight through the hole in my right shoe and I can put my entire thumb through it. I am so sad! This is a good and bad thing. Means we've been working hard finding people but it also means we haven't had a lot of sit down time! And it means we have to wear new shoes. I'm so sad. But its okay, I love my mission SO much. 

Okay experiences time.  So this week we had planned to teach the law of Chastity to a newer convert of 3 years who is also a menas activa (less active) because we recently found out her boyfriend moved in with her.  She has had cancer for 2 years and is SUPER STUNNING GORGEOUS. She lost all of her hair and is starting to grow it back.  Her cancer is terminal and shes not sure how much time she has left here on Earth. The spirit in her house when we entered this week felt different,  and she was a bit quieter and seemed to be a bit out of it when we sat down to talk to her.  She looked horrible.. not in a physical appearance way, but in her countenance.  Hermana Castleton and I have been working really hard these past few weeks in asking inspired questions.  So the lesson began and the spirit taught.  We listened with real intent and full heartedly wanted to find out why she looked so depressed.  Finally after a nice 30 second silence, the words of a pained woman came from her mouth telling us that she is 3 months pregnant.  Our hearts sank and I cant even express how anguished our hearts were. Here is a 45 year old woman, with terminal cancer, with out a husband, who is now expecting a baby.  She told us she had never felt guilty for anything in her life ever until now.  She started to cry and our eyes teared up with her.  The story of Alma came into my mind so I opened up chapter 36 and had her read.  Long story short, she agreed to go talk to the bishop and get this taken care of and she couldn't thanks us enough time for our visit.  I learned a million and 6 things from this visit.  The first being to STAY AWAY FROM SLIPPERY SLOPES. Satan doesn't care how strong you think you are, he will try and get you to fall.  Simple things that appear only a little harmless can have soulfully painful consequences.  The second thing I learned is anyone can repent with the Atonement, Look at Paul, Alma, and even ME!  It's for all people that need to improve (aka everyone) I love it.  The third thing is that the spirit knows everyone.  He knows what they need and what they want and what they have done (: I really learned to rely on Him a lot more than ever this week with Hermana Castleton! It was fantastic.

Our number of lessons are improving and our ability to teach as one has also been improving a ton as well! Hermana Castleton is seriously my best friend and I'm loving all the things we are learning together.
Okay now embrace yourself for the next part cause this is where it gets fun (:
People and things always change, especially on the mission.  I promised my self I wouldn't do this, but Heavenly Father knows best so I decided for the good of everything I changed(:  It might be a temporary change but it was necessary and I've been loving it so here ya go!!!
SUSHI ... My Favorite!

Sol and I playing, she picked 
a flower for me! 

        Princesses Hermana Cook
               & Princess Sol


       Santiago Chile South Mission 
           Snap Backa woohoo! ♥


Elder Bischoff y Elder Peterson with 
our Lider Misional, Hermano Barra

The Zone La Cisterna. Almost all.

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