Monday, January 13, 2014


AHHHH! Our bishop is giving us such a hard time!  We asked if we could plan a ward activity because its been a longggg time since they have had one and Hermana Castleton and I really felt that this ward needs A LOT more unity, with the number of members going from 70 to about 40 because of the building change this past month.  AND BISHOP SAID WARD ACTIVITIES ARE TOO INCONVENIENT and that they usually take a whole two weeks to plan them and no one comes.  THAT'S CAUSE TWO WEEKS IS NOTHING when you want to plan a good activity.  He said if we want to do an activity we couldn't do it in the church and we couldn't have food... So were kind of stuck at this moment.  He also won't have meetings with us because of the rule in the white hand book that says we can't be in the house with men without another woman.  I know with all my heart that each bishop holds keys to help the members in the ward but it's just been really hard and I am really trying to love him because I know he is inspired... in some way! hahah no but he really loves us Hermanas and we know that.  He loves to talk with us and appreciates what we do, it's just this one time he's been hard to put up with.  He just doesn't understand a few things.  (okay sorry for the start of negativity) but good news!!!  We finally were able to teach more lessons this week, which felt so good. (: We felt more like we were helping the work move along.  Our Zone Leader, Elder Alldredge gave an awesome lesson on urgency and it really helped remotivate us this past week and all of our investigators seemed more receptive to us, which was a HUGE blessing.  Our sector is doing well, we are finding people to teach but a lot are not wanting to progress as much as we would like them to so we are starting to stop visiting people, which is hard to do because we are finally teaching a good amount of lessons.

Our investigators are strong, but 2 have huge problems with the word of wisdom, and they are having a hard time seeing why they need to quit their harmful habits.  We have had great lessons with them, and they say they feel good when we come, but are unmotivated after we leave.  I´m worried they don't understand the importance of praying and really finding our for them selves if the Book of Mormon is true and if they really should break their bad habits of drinking and smoking.  I know all people can change, I just wish they believed more in themselves and understood more of the blessings and atonement! All we want is for them to try it.

This week I really want to focus on finding more scriptures about the Doctrine of Christ and apply them to myself.  I studied repentance today and realized there is A LOT of things I do not know about the doctrines, so I really want to focus on that this week specifically.  I love finding new fun things to study every day!

ALSO OTHER GOOD NEWS!! Hermana Castleton and I get another change (transfer) together!! woohoooo. (: We've been doing so well together.  We realized we've already completed 5 months of our missions and it went so fast!  Despite the heat and appointments that tend to fall through more than not, we've done well.


Take care my lovelies. xoxoxo

I as Danielle's mother could not resist to post this:  Another tender mercy the Lord has brought us during Danielle's mission is that I have been able to have the pleasure of being able to read Danielle's companions (Whitney Castleton) emails also.  Whitney writes the sweetest things about Danielle and I have to share what she says.  It brings tears to my eyes because Whitney is so "Right On" when she speaks of Danielle.  I know Danielle is just thrilled to be able to spend more time with Hermana Castleton :)

Whitney writes this week:

 haven't had one in months. Woohoooo
I love my Hermana. Hermana Cook is an inspiration of selfless and radiant obedience. She does things radiantly. When she's laughing like a sneaky cat or talking Spanish in a horrid Texas accent or when we're in lessons and our investigadors are driving her bonkers, she does it all with radiance. She is truly an example to me. I have loved her since the beginning, but as we've become closer, as we help the weaknesses of each other become strengths, we have realized what a blessing togetherness is. We have another cambio juntas (transfer together), which is wonderful. We clearly have more to learn from each other and we have more people to find and miracles to bring. When we teach with togetherness, that is when we invite the Spirit.

Concrete Projec

This is margarita and her puppy!
We are teaching her mother Zulema! 

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