Monday, April 14, 2014

This week we learned a lot and I am so grateful for fasts and miracles.

SOOOOOOOO, this week I learned a lot about balancing teaching urgencia, and having patience. Urgencia is the theme Presediente has more or less dedicated to our mission.  I thought of being urgent as fast paced and rushed, but this week I learned that urgency is more of an attitude of doing what needs to be done first and not wasting time, not necessarily trying to cram things into a schedule that might not always be possible to accomplish.  Last week we worked on being really urgent in all things that we did, but I felt like the relationship with Hermana Taylor and I wasn`t as good, and there was a lot more tension between us and I was struggling to have patience.  I was going to bed irritated and I lacked the peace I needed to teach by the spirit in all the lessons.  I talked with Hermana Taylor and we set goals on what we could do better and change.  I repented and asked for help and immediately and  I felt better. (:   These past three days have been so much more rewarding and calm.  Patience and urgency are two qualities I know we need, and have seen blessings from both, but now I know there is a better way to practice them both of them together.

I also learned the power of fasting.  Our numbers were lower this week than the week before, but we had the highest number of less actives and recent converts that we have had in a really long time, possibly ever.  It made me tear up again in sacrament meeting to see a less active/recent convert in sacrament meeting (Paula Leiva) with her three kids, two being 3 year old twins!  I could just see her love for the testimonies that were being shared and I could feel the spirit working in her 9 year old son.  He told us this week, in a lesson, that he had decided to listen to Jehovah’s Witnesses to see if he felt the spirit and he said that he did not feel anything good when they came over, and decided to come to the church this week and was able to feel it, so we challenged him to do Moroni`s challenge and read the last chapter of the Book of Mormon, think about it and then ask Heavenly Father if it’s true. (:   He said he would, so we are going to verify that with him and his mom this week.

For service this week (WE FOUND SOME YAY!) we helped clean and sort through a really disorganized attic and got some clothes out to give to the individuals suffering in the fire, and I am looking forward to serving in the churches this week for that!  Service is so fun.

This past week I started my sticky note of thoughts and things to leave behind, and it has been going really well!  It is helping me leave a lot of unnecessary thoughts behind.  This week I`m making a goal to study much deeper chapter 5 of Preach my Gospel a lot deeper.  I think a lot of our newly found menas activas (less actives) lack testimonies of the Book of Mormon and I think it would be good to strengthen mine.

This week we learned a lot and I am so grateful for fasts and miracles.

Kay so fun news!!!! (:   We had PIZZA today and it was super fantastic.  It did not taste like American pizza at all but hey... I was happy!

Also there is a huge fire that ate like 600+ (more like 2,000) houses or something so this week we get to have a TON of service!!!  Passing out fliers and collecting water, clothes, cleaning things and stuff like that!  It is so much fun to be or service!!  It’s so sad though, the news is always on in the member’s home about the fires and people have lost EVERYTHING including some family members.  It breaks my heart.  I am glad the church always reacts quickly to help though (:  

There have been no big earth quakes this week so I think we’re all good (:  Don’t pray not to have earth quakes, just pray that we survive them because that could be some good service opportunities. heehee. and we are well prepared!

Well, Love you all!  Hope you have a super sassy day.  Brandon and Emily give Kdog and Kelton a hug and kiss for me!  Miss you boys so much after teaching families with little children that I CAN’T HOLD. Ugh. But all is well (: Love you all.
Have a super sassy day
Hermana Cook

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