Thursday, April 10, 2014

General conference is so much fun!! We are SO blessed to be able to listen to the prophet all the way on the other side of the Equator

This week went by really fast.  General conference is so much fun!!  We are SO blessed to be able to listen to the prophet all the way on the other side of the Equator (:  I learned a lot from conferencia, I felt like the General Authorities have been watching me with the people we have been teaching this past month and based their talks on what I could do better when I teach... and how to love my investigators better!  It is true when we grow more and learn more, more questions and doubts come into our minds, but I like it because it makes me look forward to personal study.  This week I had so many questions about the priesthood and realized I know close to nothing on that subject.  Hermana Taylor and I had some really cool experiences this week.  From really nice door contacts, to progressing investigators!

Our investigator Francisca (who is 15 years old, and wheel chair bound) hit her head going down a flight of stairs at school and we had the opportunity to bring the elders over that night to give her a blessing.  It was a really great lesson!!! They have been progressing so much! I just want them to get married is all!   So Francisca and her mother and father ended up going to conference with us!  But they had a really hard time sitting in the last session for two hours and I worried for about an hour after conference that they didn`t really enjoy it, and I was SO discouraged.  But then the Lord helped calm me after we got back out to work and found a really awesome contact named Luise!   I decided that the discouragement that I had felt after the conferencia, was only from Satan.  A very discouraging resource, and in reality I don`t know what Francisca and her family thought of conference specifically, but the best thing I feel we can do is to ask what they liked and understood, and then explain things for them better so they can have a clearer understanding of what they listened to.  I, however, am obsessed with conferencia general. I think I want to skip a Christmas and just have and extra Conferencia.   Can somebody make a request to the prophet?(:

Sooooo, Hermana Taylor has been doing well.  She gets to be in charge of the phone this week! YAY! (:  It is so funny how being a trainer feels like (I would imagine at least) being a mother!  It is so hard for me to let her struggle but she grows mountains worth when she does.  I am so pleased with her desire to learn more, we are coming up with more creative ways to contact and try new things so she doesn’t fall asleep in lessons.  I remember feeling like that.  Spanish is so hard.  She makes my day (:

Our sector is doing well.  I focused this week on finding similarities with the Bible and the Book of Mormon so I could use them more together in teaching and I found today in Lucas 9, the last few verses about how Jesus is inviting people to make commitments and follow him and THEY HAD EXCUSES TOO!  I could not believe it. But it made me think when I looked up some of the cross references that it said that those who look back or make excuses are not fit for the kingdom of God. So this week... I am making a ``shelf list`` and every time I think of worldly things or things from home I want to do, I am going to write it on a sticky note in my planner and try to never think of it again, until I get home.  Why I am telling you this, I don’t know (: but I thought it would be fun info to read!

This is what I told Tate:  I FELT TWO HUGE EARTH QUAKES.  Legit! I was scared on the first one, but the second one was just plain funny because my companion was in the shower and the lights and water shut off!  I felt so bad but couldn’t contain my laughter. We have so much fun together.  She is so patient with me and we are really progressing in our lessons we teach together.

Sorry this letter is really random... Lots happened and I kind of jumbled them all around! But it was a super great week. (: We are so blessed. I could seriously be in this sector my entire mission I love it! ♥♥♥

Well hope you all have a super sassy week.

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