Monday, October 28, 2013

He knows our thoughts and answers the prayers of our heart.

This week was mostly a lot of work getting stuff ready for our new calling :)  We haven't officially been called yet because the old young women's counselor is inactive and hasn't come in for her release interview.  But oh my goodness are these girls fun:) NOT AS FUN AS MY VALLEY VISTA BABIES but they are way great in a new Chilean way♥

I'm learning a bit more about being a leader this week because that is something I've always struggled with. I'm better at doing what people tell me to do, and doing it well, other than being the one to lead.  But this week my trainer had me start, and do all the lessons with our investigators by myself, and it was scary but I felt the Holy Ghost work through me as he told me what to say.  I taught the plan of salvation to Raqual and she gave me the biggest mommy hug when I got to the part after this life and told her that her husband was in the spirit world.  This was the most spiritual lesson I've ever been in.  I'm so grateful for my trainer, I've been blessed to have her train me and trust in me to do a lot of things on my own, but at the same time, she's always there to catch me if I fall (or accidentally mess up words heehee!) But good news.  I finally understand everything pretty perfectly :) this is a blessing and a miracle because I expected to learn it after 6 months, because, lets be honest, I am a SLOW learner.  But I've been extremely blessed with a quickened mind on my mission.  I know for a fact that through the Holy Ghost and through Savior´s atonement and will, anything we are diligent in, can happen and be a miracle to us in our lives.  I hope you can feel the sincerity in my words when I say that I know that through the Lord, all things are possible.  I'm not just saying that as something I just know, I'm saying this because I really really believe that.  There isn't a single thing he has not felt that we have.  He knows our thoughts and answers the prayers of our heart.

I've thought a lot about Emma Smith since I've been here, and I'm not sure 100 percent, why her specifically, I think it's just the fact that she had so much love and patience throughout her life during her times of trials and uncertainty, I have looked up to her example greatly.  When she lost her husband, buried her children, watch the saints suffer, she had such power with her unwavering faith.  I love stories about her and her life.  She is one powerful woman :)   I know that no one is as perfect as our savior, but with faith and patience and hope and the Atonement, we can all change and be so much better than we thought we could ever be. ♥

I don't have much to write this week because I'm really short on time again!! But were are doing well here and we are all safe.  I'm so grateful to have been called to Chile!  It's such a eye and heart opening experience! ♥

I love the scriptures more and more everyday!  There's not enough time on this earth to get everything out of them that is possible, but I will be trying !!  I hope and pray you are all reading your scriptures and applying at least one story or scripture to your life every single day.  I love how the mission makes you want to follow the Savior and be like Him, to teach His Gospel and understand the atonement through watching others change and looking back and seeing how I have changed as well.

Austin I still think your tractor is sexy :)  Family I hope you are all doing well!!  I'll be better at writing next week.   love you loves♥♥♥♥
Have a super sassy semana!
Hermana Cook!

PS: I BOUGHT A PINK CHRISTMAS TREE TODAY and I plan to decorate it with pass along cards and candy.  Love the mission life♥   Until next week; be safe and stay out of trouble:)

I as Danielles Mom requested she answer the below questions about last week.  Just thought I would add them here :)  Some of them not too happy with the responses, but I know she is in the Lord's hands and is being watched over.

Mom "Did they have any weapons and what?"
Danielle "Nope just ran in and stole stuff super fast and were yelling bad words in English at us.
Mom "Did they steel anything from the sisters?"
Danielle "Yes, everything! wallet, money, cameras, pictures, ID, EVERYTHING but not from me though
Mom "Did you see them and did they see you? 
Danielle "Yes and yes"
Mom "How often does this kind of thing happen?"​
Danielle "Every day, but not to us"
​Mom "Where do you go to email us?"
Danielle "A little internet store on the street."
Mom "Will you be at the same place to email us this week?​
Danielle "Yep, every week!:)

We made popcorn and watched the District

We helped decorate for a party!

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