Monday, October 7, 2013


HOW GREAT WAS CONFERENCE!!!? I think I was just as excited for conference as I usually am for conference.  The talks were exactly what I feel I needed to hear.  I think its such a cool thing that the speakers are not given a specific topic, by revaluation they all happened to be centered around the same thing, and despite what some skeptics might say, General Conference isn't an opportunity for Mormons to put on a well scripted and choreographed presentation to convert people.  Conference is for receiving revaluation, comfort and to warn us about what we should not be doing and what we should continue to do.  After listening to these sessions, I don't think there could be any doubt that missionary work is at the top of the list of things that needs to be focused on?!  This gives me so much confidence and confirmation that 
I'm in the front in the peach shirt watching conference
this is where I need to be♥  The lord is in this work with all of us!
I want you to all please please take the challenge and focus on one person to share the gospel with!  The LDS church is not a church of selfishness so please share it.  The work is progressing and ward members and missionary's are apart of it and should happily and joyfully be involved♥  I'm grateful that we are not alone in this work.  We are accompanied by angles and given impressions from the Lord trough the Holy Ghost on where we should go and what we should do.  Each day we go out and come home talking about what experiences that we've had that we know the "Hand of the Lord" was in and let me tell you..there are many. :)

Family I want you all to pick out a talk and study it.  Study it deeply.  Look up the scriptures and apply one specific thing to your life and try and focus on it really hard for a full week. 
I thought of each one of you in various talks; 

Landon can I just tell you, I appreciate your examples to me when we were younger of your courageous heart to share the gospel?  I remember you giving out book of Mormons and writing your testimony in them and just wishing I had your courage to do that with my friends, but I never ever did.  I want you to always just love the gospel like you have.  I realize sometime you have bad luck with things, like when you had that problem with your arm when you were younger, and even some times when you felt your prayers weren't answered.. This is Satan trying to discourage you.  You have a great purpose in his work and the Lord has told this to me.  I'm so proud to be your sister and can't wait to see what great fruits come from your work.  I love and miss you!

Package my Daddy sent me from Dear Elder!
This was included in my Dear Elder Pkg!
Teeny! hey.  You're tractor is attractive suggah!!  Remember the talk by Elder Edward Dube? (sorry spell check that for me) Yea, I thought of you and how you're always really good at everything you try and it always bothered me!! because I am not this way at all! but its a gift you've received from your heavenly father, use that in all that you can, including helping others. K, so Elder Edward Dube talked about never looking back and always looking forward at what you have to do, and I feel that you do this very well. you forgive quickly and move forward. This is a strength that I was once envious of but I'm just grateful that you have it now :)   Don't abuse it because Heavenly Father can take gifts just as well as he can give them!
Goodies that were in my Dear Elder Pkg from my Dad

Brookie-woo-woo baby short sister, you are no doubly the boldest in our family.  You have a strong booming personality.  I hope you enjoyed conference this week as you and Macey watched it together.  Your influence on me has been great even though there's a 7 year difference between us.  This does not matter.  Your strength in wanting to do what's right in an exact way is an example to me of how to be immovable.  At girls camp when you did the life line course, you went over the huge log because you were told NOT TO LET GO OF THE ROPE.  You obeyed with exactness and this I hope and pray you never lose, and I hope you pray for this as well.  I love you mini me!!  

♥ My Dad!
Yeah so about this week; Waldo watched conference and Claudio is progressing well oh by the way; Heavenly Father knows the desires of our hearts, and i knew this but now I have a solid testimony of this. The whole time I've been here I've wanted so badly to try and build up the young women. there's only 3 in our ward and 4 in-actives. I want to suggest cool activities and have fun with them and they always come up and say hi and they remind me of my girls back home! But i figured it wasn't exactly my place to be saying what i think the young women here could be doing to bond closer together...

Well this week, we found out missionaries could have callings; how did we find this out? well... I WAS CALLED AS A YOUNG WOMEN'S COUNSELOR!!!!!!!! ♥ I know right?  Heavenly Father loves me.  I'm seriously so excited!!!   It's going to be announced next week and we have a meeting in a week!  I accidentally squealed with joy when the bishop told us and he started cracking up and told me he's relived that I'm so excited about this calling, but it's exactly what I wanted.  I hope I can help them! ♥  This week is going to be kinda hard cause it's like 5 million degrees out side, but it's going to be so fun!  I'd rather is be hot than cold.. any day!
Well, my time is up and I apologize for the typing errors.  The "h" on this keyboard doesn't work well and some keys are missing so hopefully you can get the gist of this email! (this comment is from her mother:  Yes I had lots of fun correcting and adding all the H's to the words)

I love you all so much.  I wish I could do more than just say I Love You, but for 16 more months, this will just have to do!

♥Simpre, Hermana Danielle N Cook!

Eating lunch on General Conference Day! 

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