Monday, February 3, 2014

Kick when you don't want to kick and stroke when you don't want to stroke

As Danielle's mother, Danielle's beloved grandpa Joel Cook passed away last Wednesday January 29th, 2014 seven days prior to his 85th birthday. It was very hard for us not to have Danielle here with us during this time. She loves him dearly.

Elders at the Santiago Buin Zoo
I guess I do have a bit of time to write this week. We went to the Zoo today and had SOO much fun. Can I just say how much I love Elders. I want like 10 boys so I can see their changes after serving a mission (: lol we had so much fun.

Bird exhibit
I had to do it! Even though I HATE OWLS!
We had so much fun today at the Buin zoo!

But this week I had the opportunity to teach the
Look what we found..Noah's ark!

Plan of Salvation 3 or 4 times and I cannot tell you how much more real this plan is with Grandpa now in the next life, which is actually on this earth. Funny to think he really isn't far away or gone. He is right here with us (: But happy and free and probably singing the ABC song with the ``THH THHH`` spoit sound at the end.  Presidente Cook and Hermana Cook came to our apartment last week and told us about Grandpa. I didn't cry. I didn't feel upset. I just felt the Love from our Savior. Not going to lie and say I didn't cry myself to sleep that night but I can say that I woke up the next morning ready to work and teach people about this great Plan of God that we have (: because we are sealed to him we will in fact see him again. There isn't a tiny doubt in my mind about that. I feel so blessed, loved and protected this week.
Bird exhibit at the Buin Zoo. Bakan

  Also, I have had giant pains in my feet this week and the mission nurse told me we had to stay home for an entire day with my feet up! I was so upset. One day out of work makes you feel really antsy to get back out and start teaching again. Luckily we were blessed and found 6 new people to teach despite the one day we had down. Were hoping to see progression in at least one of them and hope to get a baptism♥ We arranged a Family night with him and The bishops wife and it didn't turn out super super great like we had hoped. We watched the Restoration Video and felt the spirit super strong (: But then after it was over the bishop started talking about temple ordinances and things that are even hard for members of the church to understand and Juan Carlos got a bit confused. Then Hermana Castleton popped the baptism question and then he told us he had already been baptized and the Bishop told him NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT!!! 

We have to explain to him again that it has to be by someone with the correct authority and in total immersion. not just sprinkled, we would have explained it to him again at the bishops house, but the bishop kept getting off topic and talking about other random things and then we were 30 minutes late for our next cita. But hey, all will work out in its own time. He at least told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith ``obviously is a prophet`` So that's good at least (:

Hermana Casteton's hand on the left and mine
on the right wearing the friendship rings
my mom got us for Christmas!
This week has been a good reminder of what Elder Holland said... Kick when you don't want to kick and stroke when you don't want to stroke♥ (:
Hard weeks mean personal progress, and like I learned in Girls camp I CAN DO HARD THINGS (:

Well that's all I have time to say today
have a super sassy semana xoxoxoxox
girls will be girls. 
Flaite. Totalmente
♥Hermana Cook! 

Candid shot. Thank you, Hermana Johnson

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