Monday, December 30, 2013

Have Patience my Daughter, You're Doing Fine!

This week has again, been very difficult, but it has been a time of learning for Hermana Castleton and I.  I felt more discouraged than usual this past Friday, so I decided to look up scriptures for prosperity and try to find a key or pattern to prosperity, or progression.  What I found was really quite interesting.  In times where people were not being prosperous, they were being humbled and taught.  I have found this to be true in my life as well!  It is so cool to see patterns of thousands of years ago, still apply to our lives in 2013.

I am learning to rely on the Lord a lot more than I ever had in my other sector.  Also, while reading in Alma I thought I heard Heavenly Father say to me, ¨Have patience my daughter, you´re doing fine,¨ Which brought tears to my eyes and made me feel horrible for thinking that Heavenly Father wasn´t aware of our feelings of failure.  Hermana Castleton and I have felt so discouraged this week, but after this experience and learning to rely on the Lord, it has been the most rewarding feeling.  I am also learning that just because we are working hard and being obedient, this alone doesn´t always bring immediate success.  We have to be humble and have A LOT of patience as well.  I hope this letter doesn't seem too negative.  I am really happy to be here.  I love it, but sometimes it´s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you´re in the middle of a trial.  Our bishop also is not happy with us because we asked to have our meeting outside, since no other women could attend the meeting. (it's a rule that there has to be 3 Hermana's in a room with men.)  He decided that it was better if we didn´t go to the meeting in the end, because he told us he was not going to have a meeting outside to accommodate the situation.  He told us, and the elders, that it is better to bend some rules a little and be more flexible.  I wish he supported the rules a little bit better because it makes it SO much harder not to have the support of the bishop.  And I wish he realized that, without being obedient, we can't receive all the blessings possible. 

BUT GOOD NEWS! :)  Our investigator, Marco, went to church this week with his 5 year old daughter and they stayed all three hours and seemed to really enjoy it.  Francisca was going to go but when she showed up a bee stung her right in the eyeball, and her eye swelled up so she had to leave, which is understandable, lol, but so sad :(

I hope we are able to find more people that want to be taught, and progress. 
Skype Picture!
Talking to the family was so great on Christmas day.  I love you guys so much!!!  Luckily I didn't get too home sick afterwords and we were able to get right to work after we ended the skype call.

Family I really do miss you!  We taught a powerful lesson on families last night and it made me realize that families are one of the most important things we have in this life.  You guys are all so awesome and I can't wait to get home and give you all a BIG BEAR HUG :) 
Hope you all have a happy new year!! 
♥♥♥ xoox
Hermana Cook

PS.  I have lots of pictures to send but the computer I am using won't allow me to send them :(
"Skype Time" with Hermana Cook and Castleton
This is from Danielle's Mother:  It has been so special during this time in Danielle's mission because I have been able to get to know Danielle's companion's mother, Wendy Castleton, and I am privileged to be able to read Danielle's companions, Whitney Castleton's, emails along side Danielle's emails.  Whitney said the most kind things about Danielle and I had to share what she said.  What a blessing it is to see these girls get to share, grow and learn from each other. 

Hermana Castleton and me!
The following is what Whiney said about Danielle:  Looking back at the time I've had in the sector I'm in, El Parron, I feel rather...not depressed.  Discouraged.  It's a bit difficult not to feel disseminated when I feel like I've accomplished close to nothing.  But, God planned well.  As He always does because His plan is perfect.  He knew this point would come and that is why He sent Hermana Cook.  He knew I would need her strength, power, attitude and love.  I need her example. Yesterday she acted as my momentary psychiatrist at a time I felt hopeless and pointless.  She helped me to recognize my importance and my proposito (purpose) here.  Because I have one.  I just lost sight of it for a bit.  She helped me realize that Jesus wants to relieve my cargas (my burdens).  He was sent to be the redeemer of my soul and He has certainly proved that He is.  He is Almighty and Todopoderoso.  He wants to help us.  We just need to keep our focus solely in His glory and that is when we have success.

Hermana Cook and I. We sprayed the window with fake snow...
Eating Christmas Dinner with
The young men's president in our ward

Texas Sheet Cake made in the most ghetto way possible
Presents from Hermana Ricks
Zona: La Cisterna

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