Monday, February 10, 2014


HAPPY NEW WEEK!  I am so old.  I turned 20 yesterday and I will never be a teenager again!  So sad, but it was such a great day!!  Hermana Castleton decorated the apartment, got me a cake, gave me a BEAUTIFUL skirt that I absolutely love and made me breakfast!!  My companion is the best ♥ I am so blessed.
So this week so many good things happened but I am going to get the small amount of bad new out of the way! I have tendinitis in my feet and its REALLY bad in my left foot, and I didn't know what is was so I walked on it for about 3 weeks. OOPS!  So this week I have to stay in the house all week and I stayed in 2 days this week.  At first it made me SO frustrated and I wasn't sleeping well and I was starting to get depressed because I felt like I was wasting the Lord´s time just sitting on the couch all day with my feet up. I did a lot of praying to feel at peace but it wasn´t until last night that I really started to feel okay. Hermana Castleton and I planned for 3 hours trying to find people that would go out and teach with her and a place I could stay while they worked.  MOTHER DEAREST you are not allowed to worry.   Tendinitis is very common and it goes away with ice, rest, and Advil (:

Me and my incredible Hermana Castleton
Okay now the good stuff!  We found 4 young women non members who's family are less active, and invited them to the young women's activity last Friday and two of them, and one of their mothers went!!!!!! we had 8 girls in total show up this week when the average is 2! I really hope they take me out of the Relief Society and put me in with those girls. I love the relief society so much but I just love being with those young women!  But in reality the relief society is going well! I had to wing a lesson last week since the President forgot to tell us she was going to be out of town and it went pretty well (: Before I would have passed out in front of the class trying to teach but We are so used to teaching here it wasn't even a stress (: Hermana Rybak (the relief society Pres) is going to be out of town for 2 months so we are kind of in charge right now, which is kind of ridiculous because we have changes the 24th so I'm not sure how were going to handle that yet if I have to leave this sector but we will see! ♥ 
We also are setting up a noche hogar (night home) with the elders and they are going to do an object lesson with candles and the Restauración (restoration) so I`ll let you know how it goes next week! 
ALSO WE HAD A REACTIVATION THIS WEEK!!!!! ♥♥♥ Maria Teresa got a calling and has gone to church 7 weeks in a row and taught a class for me in relief society and is going to accompany us all day Tuesday to go to some appointments! We are thrilled!! and also MARIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! ♥♥♥  we had been teaching her in my old sector for about 2 months and I went back to teach her with Hermana Leavitt in divisions last week and we asked her to be baptized and she has a date for this Saturday WEEEEEEE!!!!!! (:

Okay I am out of time to write, but I just want to let my beautiful family know that I love you.  I miss you guys more every day, just because teaching families about eternal families makes me so thankful that I already have one that is sealed(: But I know that life can be really hard and even depressing in moments, but the Lord already knows.  He knows you.(:  Ask him for help and make promises to him daily that you will try to be better♥  He is loving and forgiving and He understands.  The atonement is real and tangible and our sorrow can be matched and conquered with happiness if we just do as Alma the younger does and remember the teachings of the prophets and repent.  I love you guys to the MOON AND BACK. 

Que éste bien ♥ xoxoxo
Hermana COOK (:
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