Monday, February 24, 2014

I just have to remember that FAITH AND FEAR CAN'T LIVE TOGETHER!

So... The elders played a HORRIBLE joke on us, actually... they didn’t do it purposely, but Friday night they called us to tell us about changes and they told us the news!  That Hermana Castleton and I were going to have another change together (: We both thought that that was interesting, and decided to make some really good and challenging goals cause there was obviously some more things to learn about each other.  Well, jokes on us. Saturday morning, Presidente calls me and in his happy precious voice and says
´´HERMANA COOK! How are you doing? ´´
"Oh, fine presidente, how are you?´´
´´Well I’m fine thank you...”
And then came the crazy part!
´´As you know Hermana, Sister Castleton will be leaving you´´
´´Oh really? I actually did not know that´´
´´Oh the elders messed up on your changes too?  Well, yes Hermana Castleton will be leaving and we think you are ready to train”
AND THEN.... I freaked out in my heart!! But calmly accepted the assignment and passed the phone to Hermana Castleton, who, come to find out will also be training as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was the very calm and fast story of this change.  I am sad to lose Hermana Castleton but I am excited for the growth experience I am about to have.  I feel unprepared since there’s only 3 Hermanas’ coming and they chose us to train over the Hermanas that have served more time... They all pretty much are with people who just finished their training, which... is kind of interesting to me, but president bore his testimony about the peace he felt about making this decision and because of that I didn’t feel as worried.  We receive our companion’s tomorrow EEEEEEEEKKKK.

Also this week I was reading in Matthew and realized how much I love hands... The Bible talks a lot about the stories of the Savior in the New Testament and I recently read about how he was betrayed, denied and crucified, shortly after bleeding from every pore for these ignorant people.  If only they knew of his great sacrifice just moments before they had captured him and taken him away.  But any ways… the reason I love hands so much didn’t come just from reading out of the Bible this time, I also read in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ visits the Americas and they each get to touch His hands one by one.  I sat and pictured what his hands might have looked like.  Scarred and well used I´m sure.  His hands were tools.  He had to perform miracles and build testimonies.  The visual in my mind was overwhelming and I felt the deep love that Christ had for those people and the deep love that he has for me and I felt the desire to go out and hug people on the street and tell them of His love! :)  Presidente talked about a final interview we will have with Jesus Christ when our final days come and what it will be like And I hope that I can say that I used my hands, my gifts and talents to their fullest abilities.   Hopefully that made sense!  I'm trying to recap everything that I learned this week into a few paragraphs!
The sweet young women of our ward!
But crazy news, the Bishop wants us to work with the young women now!!!!!  He said the relief society is getting too use to us helping too much and he thinks we could help the inactive young women a lot YAY!
But this week we found 5 new people to teach, one se llama Francisca and her mom Claudia and dad Juan (: Francisca is 15 and she has a wheel chair, her family and her are catholic, but they are very open to reading and praying and I hope they will be able to progress.  After teaching Juan Carlos for almost 3 months, we are realizing we have to stop teaching him because he isn’t progressing :( But we will continue to pray for him because I know someday the gospel will find him again and he will be better prepared to receive it.. I hope!!
Well, this next week is going to be interesting.  I just have to remember that FAITH AND FEAR CANT LIVE TOGETHER.

Oh and by the way my tendinitis is pretty much gone! MIRACLES (:
Hope you all have a fantastic week! 
Elder Burhoe
besitos! (Kisses xx)
Hermana Danielle Cook!

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