Monday, March 31, 2014

This gospel is perfectly organized and if we magnify the assignments we are given, it makes the Kingdom of God that much stronger

So this week... I realized missionaries are a lot of things.  We are the activities committee, someone for the members to confide in, counselors, gospel teachers, FHE (family home evening) committee, scriptorians, wedding preparers, piano players (my comp, not me!), tissues, English teachers, plan B`s for Sunday talks, and Chefs.  Granted, none could be done with out the members (: I realized this week how important it is to magnify your calling.  Because where someone lacks, another has to pick up for it; causing burdens on them and their families.  I feel that is one of the biggest reasons some of the past bishops here have gone inactive.  The burdens that others are not willing to carry get placed on someone else.  Wards are really a big huge family, and every one has their part.  This gospel is perfectly organized and if we magnify the assignments we are given, it makes the Kingdom of God that much stronger and our burdens really are made lighter.  Our Heavenly Father confides in us and trusts us with each calling and assignment we are given.  Our assignments come DIRECTLY FROM GOD through the line of authority (: that is so cool.  Being worthy and willing to accept these calls, we need to remember GOD always has a way that we can accomplish and magnify these assignments, if we feel the burden (or the assignment) is TOO heavy.  We do not understand the helping part of the atonement. (: Nefi (Nephi) teaches us that through our Savior, anything is possible; nothing is impossible ♥

We reactivated a family this week HOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (:  They haven't gone to church in a year and started coming little by little, and two of them have callings in the Relief Society Presidency YAY!!  We are seeing big miracles in this small sector.  Granted, progress is slow, but it is clearly evident (: 
My companion and I are having so much fun.  She is a bouncy ray of sunshine and I'm so glad I get to train her.  I always have said the only two things I will pray for in a trainee/companion is that they have a desire to work and are obedient.  The rest of the things are just perks for me! 

We had 3 people come up to us this week and ask to be taught.  One of which literally chased us down, Alejandro Vial, waving his folleto (brochure) in the air asking us to explain Joseph Smith to him... He told me I gave the folleto (brochure) to him a month ago and he read it and he doesn't understand it.  Granted, he had a bottle of alcohol in his hand, but all I could do was smile as we explained this story of Joseph Smith and told Alejandro he was a son of a loving Heavenly Father.  He smiled, kissed me WITH OUT PERMISSION and we set up an appointment for the Elders to go back and teach him.  He doesn't live in our sector so we had to pass his reference on, darn, but that was just one fun miracle and tender mercy we had this week ♥  My comp told me she would not have given him the time of day with the bottle in his hand, and this started a mini life lecture about how people can change from black to white.  These are my favorite lectures because not only are there cool changing stories in the Bible and Book of Mormon, I have seen it in people here.  It's fun to see as you go through out your life, the odd experiences you have in the past, are actually GIVEN to you sometimes to prepare you for other things you have to do in your life.  The Lord is so organized, and knows us so well personally (: So fun.

Well, our sector is doing well!  We are having trouble finding some of the families we found but hopefully with time, if the Lord allows us, we will find them again!  This week was rough, but worked well with all the strength we had.(:

Well family, love you mucho!  This week will be fun because we have a universal theme this week of PROPHETS!  I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! WOOHOO!!  Also, instead of maybe weekly updates, or in addition to them, you could write me and tell me personal revelation you have received in scripture studies, prayers or church (: 

Okay.  Have a super sassy seman! xoxoxoxox
♥Hermana Danielle Cook

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