Friday, May 9, 2014

I do not want to say prayers half asleep anymore. Heavenly Father deserves more of our time and hearts than that.

I have to start off by saying.... Presidente Cook made fun of me for using the word majestic (; I love presidente. He is so inspired and still is able to keep his sense of humor.  I love him and his wife, Hermana Cook

Anyways … This week went by so fast.  We took time during our planning this week to figure out what less actives and investigators were progressing and those who weren’t.  We prayed a lot who we needed to keep teaching, and who we needed to let go.  Right before we were going to a lesson with Francisca (Francisca is the 15 year old in the wheel chair), we both felt the impression that we needed to let them go that night.  It was really hard and we did a few practices attempts along the way to their house.  When the time came at the end of their visit to explain that we could not keep passing by their house, the spirit took action and they were able to see how important this gospel was to us.  Despite the awkward, unexpected moment of crying, Juan told us that he thinks that us deciding not to pass by was inspired and a true answer from God because he too felt that they were relying on us so much and he said he had told his wife that the week prior, and not really studying out in their hearts the things of the Book of Mormon.  They told us that they would continue to read, and if one day they receive an answer that it is true, they will come to church and find us or the missionaries there (if we’re not there) to continue teaching them.  I just hope that day comes sooner than later, but after we left I felt very strongly that that day would come.   We left feeling very peaceful and we found a new family to teach the next day!  BLESSINGS hopefully they are prepared to progress until baptism and be able to preserver until the end.

Our ward is doing well.  It is still really hard to find members to teach with us... almost as hard as not having citas (dates or appointments) fall through.  

So we went to this lady named Valeska´s house that was on the ´´less active´´ list and began teaching her this week but she says that she knows 100% that she was not baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ..... So we are not sure really what to do. Does she need to be baptized again or do we just convince her she was baptized??  hahaha we are working this our right now.

This week I read a lot in the Bible reviewing a bit in Juan since I didn´t fully understand it in Spanish, and I realized how close and personal Heavenly Father and Jesus´ relationship was.  It is really precious how they testify about one another and how they are a support for each other.  I am trying to make my prayers a lot more personal and sincere at night.  I do not want to say prayers half asleep anymore.  Heavenly Father deserves more of our time and hearts than that.  This is something I have been working on these past few changes but it really hit me hard when I reviewed John how much Jesus and our Heavenly Father loves us.  They set a perfect example for us.  I love the Bible, it´s very majestic.(:  So far I have the Book of Mormon read and almost the Bible read... new testament at least in Spanish!  Whoever says they felt comfortable at 6 months speaking the language.... you need to thank Heavenly Father because sometimes I am still lost when I read.

We went bowling today and can i just say.... I kicked booty (:  I bowled a 58!!!!! That’s 18 more than the last time I bowled in the states!  Pictures to come
It is really hard to remember all that happened in a week. We are just super blessed all the time! It only rained one day here and it was supposed to rain all week so that’s a blessing!

BROOKE YOUR BDAY IS COMING SOON! I am sending you a card but it will be late sorry suggah!!!

What else can I say... I could actually say a lot.  But there isn’t much time... So just ask me when I get home to read my journal for this week (:

We taught a drunk guy that we had contacted (not while he was drunk) and he is progressing really well.  Ask about this story it’s actually really cool.  Sadly we have to pass him over to the Elders but I am excited for him to be taught the gospel

I love you family! SEE YOU IN A WEEKKKKKK when we Skype on Mother’s Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all the Hermanas that will finish their mission and head home the same time as me!  January 2015

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