Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We Really Cannot Do Anything Without the Help of the Spirit

I thank Heavenly Father for allowing us to have President Cook as our president.  He came to visit our ward this week and set goals for us to work for for the next few weeks.  Also, this week we went back to reteach an old investigator who is now very prepared to live the gospel.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon on her own for a month now and calls us EVERY NIGHT without fail to tell us what she has read. She just has a hard time committing to go to church because she is really sick and has to take pills and eat every half hour or so, but she has committed to try her best.  Her name is Bernarda and we helped her clean her house this week and after we had a mini lesson with her and told her we were going to teach her more about family history the next visit and she got really excited. It amazes me sometimes the power in leaving people who don`t seem to be progressing. They notice a difference after we leave :)  It takes a lot of faith to leave them because they get used to the visits and we start to love them... but it’s necessary for their growth sometimes.  This week we also had a really amazing experience during planning.  We actually had a really rough start at the beginning of the day and I told Hermana Lepin we couldn’t plan without the spirit so we sat in silence for a while so Hermana Lepin could calm down for a little bit.  We actually didn’t start planning until 12:30, but when we had felt better and talked things over, we were able to say a prayer and feel more content.  We received personal and companionship revelation for the sector and in the past three days we were able to have every lesson with a member.  It was a miracle!!!  I realized that we really cannot do anything without the help of the spirit.  I know that if we had started planning feeling discontent and upset, we would not have felt the impression to make the list and call the hermanas.  I feel so much better out working in the sector now and Hermana Lepin has a lot more animo.  By far this was one of our best three days together this change.  Obediencia really brings blessings and unites companionships.
I’d write more but times up.
love you all lots lots. See you soon xooxoxxo
The city of Santiago at night!

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