Monday, July 28, 2014

90% of Each Situation Has to Do With Our Attitude Toward That Event

THIS WEEKKK....was hard. super super super hard. But I feel happy (:  Its weird how that works... 
Edwardo's baptism with his family
But this week the bishop told us in front of about 6 people during the ward council that no one wanted to give us lunch, that we are not working hard and all we do is goof around.  He blocked us from working in the street called Aurora (Where 3 of our investigators are) and took us out of the Young woman's.  I think this is the first time I have been this falsely accused of things in my life.  But guess what. The Lord knows our work and our numbers this week were the highest they have ever been in this sector.  We are working really hard and we feel good (: I really don't know what the Bishop wants us to improve, and I don't know if he knows either. But we will continue to try and gain his trust through out the weeks we have here.  On my agenda I have a super cute picture of Jesus hugging a little girl and it gives me so much hope and love, sounds cheesy but its so true. Heavenly Father knows why we are in the situations we are in and we teach our investigators and less actives this every day and I really believe and  know that this is true.  I used to think Satan gave us trials because Satan also knows us, but trials are simply trials... and WE get to choose if they move us closer or father away from Heavenly Father. There is a saying that says every situation we are in depends 10% on the situation and 90% on our attitude (: It is so true. Also, Waldo found me again this week which is always a tender mercy from the Lord.  Waldo was the fist person the Lord allowed me to find, teach and baptize (: He is doing well and always gives me hope and faith that good things are to come.  ALSO!!! EDWARDO GOT BAPTIZED!!  The husband of Ivia, He is so amazing!! Saturday night after the steak activity he got put in the hospital for an accident cardiovascular, but he should be okay soon!   What else happened this week?? hmmm.... we found lots of new people this week and were going to the temple on Friday YAY!!!! 

Well... See you all soon. 6 more fast Sunday's and I will be home. Missions go by WAY too fast. blahhhh :( 
Well love you hope you all have a super sassy week!
Edwardo's baptism
Edwardo's baptism!
♥ Hermana Cook 
The Light shut off while we were in divisions and Hermana North and I had a VERY VERY COLD and DARK NIGHT.  But we woke up happy like we had prayed for :)  haha

how I left the house last Monday. My scarf, jacket and back pack all tangled up.  My comp thought it was funny so she took a pic of it lol

Pics we took at the Temple when we went with Edwardo and his family

Pics we took at the temle when we went with edwardo and his family 

 FAMILY HOME EVENING we did with the Familia Dias (Thier kids just got baptized less than a month ago) And I won the chugging competition and almost the Chubby bunny competition but Elder miller is 6`6.... he won, but i was SO CLOSE!
Elder Miller is 6 ft 6 inch tall

My last P-day with Hermana Lepin

P-day fun!
Mine and Hermana Lepin's last P-Day together.  We set up a relay race and this was the Elders end result!! HEEHEE

Our Zone...Notice only two girls!

STEAK  ACTIVITY (: Here is the majestic Connie from the Los Nogales ward. WE LOVE HERRRR!! She reminds me of Katelynn Kelly. (: She goes with us sometimes to teach investigators. super awesome!

Stake Activity

Our Stake Activity
Me and my Companion (far Right) at the Stake Activity

Dancing at the Stake Activity

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