Monday, July 7, 2014

IT WAS AWESOME!! (read on and you will understand why this email is titled that)

We had baptisms!! yayyyyyyyyy Three total!!!!  Alison, Lian, and Juan Ignacio!  Their parents were baptized years ago and then went inactive but now they are reactivated and we got to teach them and they got baptized this past Saturday YAYY!!  Also Byron got baptized 2 weeks ago but....... I couldn’t find the pictures.  Byron is 18 and wants to go on a mission!  His mom is a member and he was a crazy partier before his mission but he has changed ALOOTTTTT.   There were like 14 missionaries at his baptism. He has a lot of support (: Thank goodness.
I was sunburnt... and I look bad but here's our babies!!!!! We are so happy for them!!

Elder Sansoni took this unposed picture and I thought it was awesomeeee!
The Beautiful View even though Smog is like Fog

   This week we climbed Cerro Chena as a mission with President Cook and we did a mission fast and it was awesome. My whole body hurts and I am so tired but it was so awesome!

Love this Picture!
The EVIL dogs that ate my food on the hike..  HAHA
Having fun on the hike
The hike we did with President Cook and the whole mission!!
ME AND NACHAA!!!!! a little sassy 6 year old who is ``my best friend`` we pretend to have secret power on P days when we watch the Elders play soccer and use our powers to help them make goals!
 We’re going to do a culture update because I don’t know how much I have written about Chile:
. Football (soccer) is more celebrated than Christmas here.
. The air is WAY polluted.  It gets so bad that it looks like fog.
. Chilean Spanish is super ghetto.   Everyone here knows it too (: They take pride in it, it’s awesome.  They sometimes don’t say the S`s and D`s on their letters.
.  People here are a family people.  It’s awesome.  They live with their aunts, uncles, grandmothers, parents and every one their whole lives (: no one moves out.
.  Gas prices are the same, maybe a bit more expensive
.  Completos (Hot Dogs) are EVERYWHERE like hamburgers and fries in the US
.  They use smashed avocados like ketchup, on hamburgers, hotdogs, bread, everything (:
And I can’t think of much more.  

our glow stick masks we used for  the ward activity

This week was super awesome.  We had a ward activity and more people showed up than in sacrament meeting!  IT WAS AWESOME.  We did ``my name is`` and we had to pick someone to represent.  We had Shakira, Rhianna, dancing light stick figures, and all kinds of people imitating all kinds of famous people.  It was AWESOME.  I was super impressed on how well it turned out (: I have never seen an activity here like this one just for one ward we were so happy.  Five investigators went and they loved it.  We laughed a lot and had a super good week. We have 1 constant progressing investigator right now and she is the cutest thing ever!  She is reading and praying and is doing super well.  We have only taught her twice but I hope she continues to progress.  My companion and I had a really cool experience while fasting together Saturday night.  We had a Noche de Hogar with a non-active father and his 2 sons, one was baptized and the other one had never listened to missionaries before.  We almost had to cancel this Noche de Hogar because we couldn’t find a member older than 18 that could go with us, but we called a member of the Los Nogales Barrio (Connie) to go with us and the lesson was awesome!  We taught the Restauración, and Connie was SO prepared to help us teach.  It was like we were in a trio.  She shared an experience about the Priesthood that was PERFECT for a question Juan had.   It was awesome. It made me think about how even though she is from a different ward, we are all on the same team.  I love knowing that we are all family and we all are children of God who chose this plan before we came here to earth.

I have to send pics this week so I am going to leave you with this. I love you guys! Hope all is well at home. Take care!
Hermana Cook

There were about six cakes this size for the whole mission after a devotional we had with pres Cook. hes so awesome!!
Have a super sassy semana (Day)
My comp took this picture at a members house with her cool shoes haha.  Thought it was sassy
Samuel wanted to join our young woman's class so we tied my jacket around his waist and put a clippy in his hair. He lead the opening song and then I made him leave.  Samuel is 12 and he cracks me up! He is not ashamed of anything. Makes me miss Landon

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