Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It’s not like a one and a half year thing, it’s a lifelong learning and practicing experience


We have a baptism scheduled yay!!  Edwardo! The husband of a life-long member! We are way super excited for him.  His first time coming to church ever was 5 weeks ago and he hasn’t missed a week sense!  Even when his wife stayed home sick he came (:

This week was really hard.  I have been sick for about 2 months now and this week I had to be in the house for 2 days :(  It is an internal struggle... Sometimes I want to be in the house so I can study more, but when I am stuck in the house, I want to be out teaching!

This week we scheduled a family home evening with Bryan, well I was sick and couldn’t go so we did divisions and Hermana Lepin went and taught him and Bryan (a 21 year old we found contacting 2 weeks ago, he is a little more on the gangster side so he hasn’t had much experience with being close to God) but in this Family Home Evening, Hermana Lepin had asked him how he was doing on his prayers.. And he almost started crying and told us that he felt something while he was praying.. Some kind of invisible love, he said, and then he got a little teary eyed and said that he knew God was there.  Hermana Lepin told him that was the Holy Spirit and he told her... No, it was God.  So were making some progress with him but I think we’re going to do a lesson specifically on the Holy Ghost next time and his purpose in our lives.  lol Also Hermana Lepin gave him a Book of Mormon and said he would read it (: YAY! 

We have had some cool experiences this week, even though it was probably one of our hardest weeks together.  I feel we are being blessed through our trials

Also, four Hermanas leave this week to go home!!  It’s crazy how time flies.  Makes me sad! But the good news is that I can take everything I learn here and apply it.  It’s not like a one and a half year thing, it’s a lifelong learning and practicing experience, it just started a year ago for me (:

Well I love you all!

Have a super sassy week!

Send me questions so I have more of a base what to write about haha love you all!


Hermana Danielle Cook

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