Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As Members of the Church We Receive Blessing of the Fruits


Danielle wishing her Dad a happy birthday August 21, 2012
Hi (: how are you all doing.  This week went really well.  Our apartment is like a palace compared to the last house we were in, I love this sector!  It is a lot bigger and the Bishop is awesome.  And my companion is super precious and humble. BLESSINGS♥  This week I was studying in Nefi 8 and 15 about the tree of life and I was thinking.... Why did people choose to go to the Tree of Life when clearly the Great and Spacious was more glamorous and popular... I have come to the conclusion that the testimonies of those who had tried it, helped them to have desires to try it for themselves. Lehi was the first to taste of the pretty and pure white fruit and found it to be delicious, and then invited his family to taste it as well. It made me think of the importance of missionary work and simply inviting people to come and partake.  As members of the Church we have the blessing of the fruits of the gospel, in which we know will bring us to Eternal Life with our families for EVERRR♥ Our friends may not be aware yet of the blessings this Gospel can bring, and possibly, with out our testimonies and examples, they will never know. Sooooo.... invite someone to a Family Home Evening, Church activity, Family BBQ, Sacrament meeting or what ever you like to help bring people close to Christ in these times of stress and difficulty. You may end up helping save someones eternal life♥ 

OOOOOOO!!!!! guess what .... my eye has been twitching for 4 weeks straight and I keep thinking of the scripture of if your eye offendeth thee pluck it out, and I kind of want to pluck it out lol its really annoying! Also Hermana Sprenz got here this week and she is WAY TOO CUTE♥ I hope I am in the same zone as her before I go. She is a tender mercy! We are the only 2 hermanas from Nevada, she is a little piece of home for me. I love new missionaries when they come in!! 

Anyways. Love you all! hugs and kisses (: 
Hasta Ver havea super sassy semana! xoxoxoox
♥ Hermana Danielle N Cook

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