Wednesday, August 27, 2014

EARTHQUAKE!!!! AND LOVE THE MISSION LIFE (: it was a long but successful day. I learned a lot about diligence!


We had an earth quake of 6.4 here on Saturday.  Hermana Jerez and I were in the street contacting and we knocked on a door and right when the man came out of his door, we heard a crunching sound and I looked down the street and the road was like an earth river wobbling!!  The man walked out of his house as the ground was moving and shaking, and I grabbed on to Hermana Jerez and asked what we should do hahahha!  We waited a minute and then it calmed down and you know what the man said when he got to the fence where we were standing scared half to death??  He said, ´´I’m catholic and I don’t care about you guys and your religion, good day.´´ AND WALKED BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!  I honestly don’t think he noticed... and if he did he was a cold hearted old man to leave us standing there before seeing if we were at least okay!   But oh well...  We walked to the next house and rang the doorbell and a lady came out and told us to go back to our house because she said the aftershock is sometimes stronger.  But...we continued to the next house and then all the lights shut off and it got really dark and a teensy bit scary, but we knocked one more door, trying to take advantage of the situation and another lady came out scared to death and we asked if she was okay and she told us that she was scared and really appreciated us asking and having desires to preserver and share the gospel but she told us we really needed to go to a house until the lights came on... So... this time we took her advice and went to Hermana Blanca Bronzale´s house and her and her family is so precious! They gave us food and Mate and we ended up being able to get to know her family a bit more and have a lesson with them... So there is blessing number 1 of the terremoto (earthquake), the second is that after this, the lights came back on and we continued contacting...  Then it started to rain REALLY HARD, we were practically swimming (: but we knocked on this one guys door and he told us he knows a bit about the church and long story short, he tried to lie to us about his name, but we joked with him and told him he needed to be a better liar or just tell us his name.  He laughed and invited us in WOOHOO.  We taught him, his mommy and met his 98 year old grandma who had as many jokes and energy as Grandma Evelyn did.  BLESSING number 2!  And we had to run home in the pouring rain for 30 minutes to make it home on time.  LOVE THE MISSION LIFE (: it was a long but successful day.  I learned a lot about diligence on Saturday. 

This week we also helped this guy push his car back to his house and in his garage and he invited us back to see if we could teach him YAY for service.  Also, Juan, a friend of a recent convert gets baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!  We are so excited ((: 

Well..... I’ll send pics soon but I am scared to send anything because this cyber has eaten a lot of people’s memory with viruses... So next week we will send pictures from the computer from the church. 

Also... We did a huge Nerf war with the zone and it was way fun.
Landon, Austin and Brooklyn... ya’ll better practice because I got good at this game and we are gonna play when I get home! 

Well that’s all for now.   Interviews with President Cook next week and I will only have 2 more after that! 
Hermana Blancas son (our ward mission leader) and Elder Wilson and Elder Castro (:
Wow how time flies
Have a super sassy semana xoxoxooxx

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