Sunday, August 17, 2014

We had changes!!!!!

Hermana Cook just got transferred to Hermana Leavitt's 
first ward in the South mission, the La Blanca ward.
 Hermana Leavitt was Danielle's first companion and
 wonderful trainer. Small world huh?! Well, I guess small mission. 
 Lots of members have been writing Hermana Leavitt (who has
now completed her mission in Santiago) and sends her all these 
great pictures and she forwards to me♥♥. This sister in the 
picture was one of the greatest people Hermana Leavitt met in chile. 
 She added that Hermana Cook is in good hands

I am back in the Zone La Cisterna♥ but in a different ward (: I am super happy!!! Hermana Castleton and I actually traded places... she is in the ward Progresso and I am in La Blanca now with her old companion hahaha (: This week Hermana Lepin and I worked really hard and actually had the most lessons and divisions we have ever had together. It was really awesome. I am sad to leave that ward actually but I am happy to be with my new companion Hermana Jerez. She is from Argentina and has the cutest accent ever. It took me about 4 hours to smash everything in my suit case, every change I gather more and more things and it gets harder to pack! hahaha Nancy, the cute Colombian that always writes mom on facebook gave me a super cute skirt to wear when I get home and a few investigators gave us some clothes and LOTS of food. The people here are so precious. I just wish they would put as much effort in their personal progression as they do in the concern they have for others. Well.....this week the Lord taught me a lot about the atonement. President shared a scripture with us that we have all heard before, but he shared something with us that I absolutely loved. He read us Éter 12:27 and pointed out that the word ´´weakness´´ in this verse is singular, not plural... and Sometimes we feel like we are swimming in a freezing cold river against the current. And that Jesus is on the other side cheering us on. But President Cook told us that actually that would contradict the meaning of the atonement and Jesus Christ is actually in the water, swimming right along side of us, supporting us when we get tired and encouraging us to keep going. I knew this to a certain extent but I really loved this example.  I shared this scripture with a family after lunch and they loved it as well.  Presidente is awesome. It was what I needed to hear to start this change I am looking forward to working with Hermana Jerez and hope that we can help a lot of people together in this sector. Oh, and the apartment is BEAUTIFUL that we are in. We are on the 11th floor and I am obsessed with the view (: Our first P-day we went and played soccer with the Zone y tomamos mate (: yayyyy. 
Well..... What more can I say... I love my mission and learn more and more every day. 
There's a quote I read from Elder Holland from a talk written1000251352 years back... He said 

“If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with the best people who ever lived.´´ and I felt that a lot these past changes. Life is hard but we gain experiences as we go. Then life gets hard again (: But each experience we have 2 options.... Grow closer to God, or become more distant. The choice is ours(:

Well family I love you all. have a super sassy week. xoxooxooxox
♥Hermana Cook

Brothers: keep working towards your mission goal.  Promise it will be worth it!! (:
Brookie: you too... but get your young woman medallion first (; 
hasta ver! xoxox

Nacha, myself, Vincent, Martin and Hermana Lepin
Having fun with some of the children of the Progresso ward
Bishop joining in on the fun!
Hermana Gina and I !! Shes like mommy #2 in my mission

Me and cutie patootie Nacha!
The Elders, Morninne, Hermana Lepin, Nacha and me
Samuel pretending to eat me!
Lehi jumping for joy!

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