Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The God We Believe in Has Emotions, Feelings and Really Truly Loves Us As His Children

WELL! Skype was fun (: I loved seeing you guys!! Everyone looks taller and bigger! haha Well this week was kind of a long one with the Holidays. No one really wants to accept a message about Christ around Christmas... Kind of Ironically sad but at least most of their excuses were because they were with family (: We knocked a lot of doors and visited a few family members who weren’t at church this week and it went really well.  This week I went on divisions again to my first sector in Las Avenidas with Hermana Johnson and we found this older man knocking doors and he told us he was catolico and  I don’t really remember how the conversation went, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and we had him read Moroni´s promise in chapter 10.  The older man´s eyes filled up with tears as he read and we really felt the spirit.  He told us that he would read it and read and pray to see if it was true and then he told us that more powerful than the promise that he read, was the fact that he was reading the letters in the Book of Mormon without putting his glasses on and he told us that he was practically blind.  I really believe that through the love and Power of God he was given his sight to read the tiny letters in the Book of Mormon without his glasses.  We see small and amazing miracles every day, especially after seemingly long weeks of work.  I studied a lot about Jesus Christ this week and I feel like this year I have really come to know my Savior Jesus Christ.  The free agency He has given us really allows us to choose and then know for ourselves what is right, wrong, better and best.  Reading in Moisés 7 this week again reminds me that the God we believe in has emotions, feelings and really truly loves us as his children. Many of the people we talk to do not have this knowledge and we see every day how this affects the happiness of the people.  I love the people here; Chileans have such a loving and laid back and familiarized culture.  They have taught me a lot of patience and every week that goes by has been a time of reflection of all the hard long hot days in the street thinking ´´If we can barely take the heat and the rejection and the pain in our feet, how did the Savior feel amongst his own people with pains and sufferings He lived with?´´ It really amazes me. I am so grateful for His gospel.  I know he lives and loves us and I know that the church He organized is active and progressing (: I love you family!!  See you soon.
Bautismo de Jorge :)

Oh and Jorge is doing great! We saw him last night and he greeted us at the door with a fantastic long haired wig and it made me think of my FATHER! hahah and Mario is doing well. He wants to get baptized on the 17th of January and we found a few new families to teach this week.   We’re out of time so we will talk next week.  Love you
Hermana Cook(:

HES JUST SO PRECIOUS!!!! we are goof balls (: we love him.

feliz navidad! My comp and Millaray!

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