Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let's Us Appreciate the Small Things in Life

SOOOOOOOOOO  This week was really amazing. Jorge got baptized and he tells us all the time how happy and changed he is. He made us laugh when he showed up three hours early for the temple concert on Friday and it amazes us how much he loves the temple even though he has never been inside of it yet.

This week I gained a HUGE appreciation for the small things in life. I read a talk about how much we can learn from the nature around us and how we need to appreciate every one of Gods little and simple creations. I also was taught not to take one single breath for granted. This may seem like a funny story but it taught me a very serious lesson. At lunch this week, Hermana Olson got a piece of food stuck in her throat and stopped breathing. She calmly touched me and I looked at her and without asking even one question before the words ''can you breathe'' came out of my mouth and when she shook her head no... somehow the spirit lead us quickly to do the Heimlich and I was able to help her. I know the spirit played a KEY role in helping us. I did not even know how to do the Heimlich... I just remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire and copying what I knew off of that. But afterwords we realized that that could have been a severe accident and later in the apartment we shared a prayer of gratitude and some tears later that night when we returned home. The Lord really does watch over and take care of His children and His missionaries.

The sector is doing very well. Elder Cabrera seems a lot happier since his grumpy companion left and we have been working well together. The new Elder in our sector is from Hawaii, His name is Elder Kamoe. We played pool today for Pday! Sad to think I only have 5 left....

This week we did not find service out side of helping set up the nativity for the primary program and organize a caroling group in the ward for next week! That should be way fun. We are seeing miracles with sharing the video "'El es la Dadiva" (I think in English it's ´´he is the gift´´) and I am enjoying the happiness of the people during this time of the year. I feel really blessed for being able to spend 2 Christmas' with the Chilean people (: Hermana Olson has progressed so much. She is starting to teach with the spirit and love the people we are teaching. It has been a precious blessing from her diligence. I hope and pray we continue growing!

Love you guys! I think we might have to do skyping a bit earlier.... like at 2 or 3 Chilean time♥ But I'll let you know for sure next week! (:

Hey mom and dad I wrote the grandparents letters. can you send me a pic of each one of them with me in the picture, if you can find some, so I can print those out and send them? (: And did Brooke receive my letter yet? Teeny and London I had a cool dream with you guys when I took a little cat nap today about your missions! Landon I am beyond stoked for your mission call. Congrats. hugs and kisses. We'll celebrate when I get home. nos vemos xoxoxooxoxoxo
♥ Hermana Cook
Elder Bezerra found a Barbie & said it was a mini me, so he gifted it to me at a meeting! haha
Jorges baptism congratulations party. Hes a lady's man! hahaha
Merry Christmas with our investigators

It's me and my best friend (Mikaels's) man.  Her two biggest loves of her life! heehee Can you believe Mic's boyfriend got called my my exact same mission!!
Helping investigators put up Christmas Lights!

Everyone who went on our Temple trip

Beautiful temple view

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