Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Atonement Changes People and Make Them Want to Do and Be Better

So... There is a lot to catch up on.  Hermana Olson is doing great. Improving mountains worth in the few weeks we have had together and we are getting along like two peas in a pod (: It has been so fun and peaceful working side by side with someone who wants to improve and work hard.  We have seen miracles from obedience and seen the atonement change the people we are teaching.  Hermana Olson has not been able to train yet and she heads home shortly after I do but President called and asked what we thought about her extending and we actually had talked and think it would be a great idea for her  The experience of training is like nothing else and President and I feel it really is a necessary for her to have the opportunity to train a new little missionary like we once were (: anyways.... President ended up calling and asking her to extend and she said ´´absolutely´´ in the cutest voice ever 

We have  seen miracles.  This week has been going well with investigators and with the members. Jorge is getting baptized and he could not be anymore excited.  We have seen such a big growth in him and he has noticed a difference in himself as well. He is 64 and we were able to watch his fears about baptism  diminish after a visit to the temple.  He said he felt the power of the dedicated area and he just is so eager to learn and progress.  It has been such a blessing to see the atonement change people and make them want to do and be better people. We have been so blessed.  So this Book of Mormon reading challenge that we are doing (Read the Book of Mormon in 3 months) is definitely called a challenge for a reason. We have struggled to keep up with the three chapters a day but have been able to use a lot what we have read and shared in personal studies through out the day. (:  It has been really hard but really worth it.  We have felt the power and blessings that come from the Book of Mormon.   We even had a less active start reading with us and she got up and bore her testimony this week about the power it has had on her in the past week of reading it.  It is the Book with the most power here on the earth and the book most taken advantage of... if that makes sense... There is so much power in the Book of Mormon, but we fail so often to pick it up, read it and meditate the simple stories inside.  One of Satan's tools is complicacion and complexity.  It is NOT hard to read the Book of Mormon Daily and we DO have time.  We just have to put it higher on our priority list.  I love my mission.  I will be ready to come home in 6 weeks but if Pres Cook asks me to extend I cant say that I would say no(;  But he wont ask because there aren't any new hermana Missionaries coming in... But just saying.  I  love my mission.  La obra del Señor esta apresurando (The work of The Lord is hastening ) (: I love you familicita.  See you soon for skype!  Which reminds me we need to pick a time to   do it.  I was thinking like 4 or 5 CHILE TIME? Let me know what you think. (: love you

Besitos! Chaoooo Hermana Cook

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