Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We See Proof and Evidence That the Atonement of Jesus Christ Heals and Strengthens.

Having a good time with Hermana Olson
Well.... Jorge is getting baptized sooner than we planned.  He is so cute and tells us he is sad he wasted so many years without the gospel and he just wants to progress in the gospel!  He gets baptized on the 12th. (:

Also we taught about 3 new people this week and ALL are heavy caught up in drugs but the few times we have visited them they have progressed.  One se llama Renzo (one is called Renzo.  Renzo told us that he actually has felt guilty for saying bad words and his family told us that they have noticed a calmness and peace about him since we’ve been teaching him. We have seen miracles and tender mercies of proof and evidence that the atonement of Jesus Christ heals and strengthens.  I wish I had more time to write but the things I want to say would take more time to explain than the amount of time I have /: Hermana Olson and I are doing magnificent by lifting and helping each other learn. President told us that he appreciates our example of urgency to share the gospel and told me in my interviews that it is my job to train her to be ready to train.  We have done lots of practices and are really exercising our talents together.  I absolutely love it.  Hope all is well this week.  

We had a fun PDAY and I’ll see you all soon. 
Take care xoxoxoox Hermana Cook
Hermana Martinez last Preparation Day!!

:) bye bye

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