Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My testimony has grown specifically for the subject of obedience.

This is going to be so random and all over the place! Not much time to organize my thoughts!

So a lot happened this week!!!   I got switched to a new district and got put into a trio with girls because the new women that came, had an odd number of girls, so they took my companion and put me with two other girls!  I'm so grateful.  My teachers and other Hermanas in my district complimented me on my charity and patience. :)  My new companions are Hermana Albrechtsen and Hermana Pedersen.  They're both from Utah and super sweet!  We had a great time today for our P-Day!

  (District 9 Love these people) we are way too goofy     Last Day Together!
I want to tell you how much my testimony has grown specifically for the subject of obedience.  My last district (district 9) was always on time, always starting each class on the exact minute and super uptight about being diligent! I didn't think anything of it, I thought all of the districts were that good about starting class but my new district 3 isn't that strict and it's hard because this new district is ran quite a bit differently!  The people in our new district are really kind though. They have complimented me and my companions for our diligent studying and we know we're an example for them, even though I want to strangle the elders sometimes! I miss the way our old district was ran and I know I took the organized structure we had for granted!  But there's pros and cons to both districts.

So to my siblings: PLEASE PLEASE be obedient as often as you can!  You wont see the blessings for maybe a few months, maybe even years but I KNOW obedience is a big part of success.
There was a sweet girl that just came this week and she was talking to my old companion about having a hard time so Hermana Clearwater came and asked me to talk to her because she said I'm really good at helping and because I went through the same struggle.  So I took this new girl by the hand and told her to never compare her Spanish to anyone else EVER. and I told her some embarrassing things I had said in practice lessons like one time I told an investigator he could be forgiven for his fish.....because fish and sins in Spanish sounds really similar!  She was cracking up laughing and she stopped crying after I told her that.  The next day I made her a piece of paper of important words to memorize and gave them to her.  She hugged me and she's been really happy and better since then.  She always hugs me and says hi when we pass each other around the CCM (MTC Mission Training Center).  I love this!!

Oh by the way your prayers and the Lord has helped me so much this week; I memorized all of Doctrine and Covenants 4 and my objective and the first vision all in Spanish.  That's a miracle if ya didn't know!!! lol I'm way excited.  Also, no one else even bothered to memorize Doctrine and Covenants 4 so I'm disappointed about that, but at least I did it!!

I have to tell y'all something that might shock you... I haven't been nervous or gotten butterflies once here. I've felt so much peace the ENTIRE time. I can't even tell you.  It's so not like me and I can feel angles around me all the time.  Doing work for others really makes you forget worries and selfish bothers.  I thought I was a pretty loving person before but really the only time you think of yourself is in the morning when you get ready and exercise!! I loveeee it. 

I met my mission president and he interviewed me yesterday.  Let me tell you about a sweet, relaxed man!!! He shook my hand and BAM I knew everything was going to be a great experience. He didn't talk to me in Spanish which really threw me off and he asked me some good questions about what I wanted to do with my time here and he laughed at my joking answers and joked a lot with me back.  Dad, he served the same time you did. I expressed my concern about the language and he said he could tell I'll have it down well super quick, because of my concern and he said we have great trainers in the field!  Also, my mission is the smallest in area, the most poor area in all of Chile, the most dangerous and has the most humble people.  The member activity rate is about 3-4%.  So were going to do a lot of re-activations which is awesome because we just have to re-teach a few things and then LOVE THE PEOPLE. piece of cake ;) lol jk it will be hard but I know I can do it with the help of my Heavenly Father and the Holey Ghost. I know it wont be easy. It wasn't easy for the Savior but I know I will love it with all of my heart.  Hard times and sacrifice is what makes us appreciate small things.

Flowers on The Temple Ground
Also can you send me some happy uplifting positive quotes from sister Hinkly, sister Monson, the apostles??  There's super cute ones!! Thanks!

Austin: I was sitting in class studying my guts out then I thought of the time we were wrestling and you shoved my face in the wall and there was a makeup mark left on the wall!!! I laughed out loud and was super embarrassed but couldn't help it.  That's my story for you.

Landon: Awe brother, I miss you!!! I have an assignment for you; my favorite hymn right now is Be Still My Soul!  If you have time do you think you could practice it for me and then play it when
I come home?!?  Boys here play piano all the time and it makes me think of you guys playing piano!

Brooke: I MISS MY MIDGET. How are you?  Send me pictures and feelings and I wish you were here sometimes so I could talk to you about my crazy companions.  I want to plead with you to keep reading your scriptures.  Elder Bednar gives some wicked talks I think you should look a few up!!!  And Elder Holland gave one called feed my sheep; YOUTUBE It.   It gets you so pumped for missionary work! I love you all so much.!!  Please remember me and Heavenly father loves you more than I can tell you or type to you at this time or EVER!  ♥Hermana Cook​ ♥

My first Coke Zero on P-Day

Hermana Clearwater in front of temple

Me and my old companion Hermana Clearwater and my teacher Hermana Leyton in the middle!

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