Monday, December 2, 2013

CAMBIOS (changes)

Yep we got changes this week! I´m here with the Lovely Hermana Castleton and we just brought all of our things to our new room. we share with 2 other hermanas and its going to be really great. I know our companionship was inspired! I'm ready to get to work here :) 


So this week was Thanksgiving and we celebrated it at the bishop´s house, even though Chileans don't celebrate Thanksgiving... But the bishop and his wife lived in The US for 12 years and there are 2 other families that lived in America so we did our own thing with permission from presidente to have Thanks Giving with them and it was the BEST!!

Ward Activity
The youth in the ward!

This last week was so amazing in the Las Avenidas ward! We ended the week with a ward party and it was a blast. We played musical chairs... Which I told Hermana Leavitt Something bad was going to happen, like i was going to sit on the bishop on accident or something, and she said that wouldn't happen so we proceeded with the game... AND WOW GUESS WHAT. I totally sat on the bishops lap on accident, like he was Santa Clause or something. We all laughed so hard and his wife fell on the floor cracking up and Bishop pretended to get out his cell phone and call presidente and tell him we need transfers  because I was a little crazy! It was so funny. I have a lot of pictures from this activity ill have to send to you next week! But yeah, there is my "embarrassing/sister Cook is always right" moment heehee!!!! 
So we taught so so many lessons and found tons of new people to teach. Waldo bought me a ton of things to remember him and he made me cry.  He's just so darn precious. I was feeling a little nervous to get a new companion on Saturday so I asked Bishop to give me a blessing.  He gave the most beautiful blessing to me ever. He told me that now that I had found Waldo, who needed me, I need to find the person that needs me here and that my smile will bless many people in this sector. He blessed me with comfort and obedience and many other things that tugged on my heart. He is such an inspired man. One of the best people I have ever met. This week is going to be different but there's no doubt that I will be taken care of. I learned a lot this week about patience and that things come only on the Lords time, but they do come no doubt. Hermana Leavitt and I were walking and knocked on a door and I said like a 30 second prayer that someone would come out of their house and let us in to teach and want to learn more, and right after a lady came to the gate and let us in but made us wait a second so she could open the front door for us, and i leaned over to Hermana Leavitt and said that prayers were like wishes but there always guaranteed to be answered. And its so true. Usually its not in a way that we expect them to be answered. I don't have a ton of time to write today but I know this sector and change will be a great learning experience for me! 

♥ Hermana Leavitt taught me all she could and now its time for a new experience! I'm so excited :)   Love you all, sorry for the shortness. hope you all have a super sassy week. 
Hermana Cook
Rosario, Cesar, Amparo y Roberto
                 Saying good by to Hermana Leavitt                                                                          Camilla


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