Monday, December 16, 2013

This week has been a struggle..sickness is no fun

Tracking in the subway!  Way cool pic!
This week was very difficult.  We tracked door to door at least 4 to 5 hours every day and I feel like this sector is struggling a bit, so we have planned a fast with the elders in our ward this week, which brings me a lot of peace.  Hermana Castleton and I were sick for like 3 days but we persevered through it somehow!, and I am sure we will start to see miracles based on our diligence and patience :)  We have been blessed by finding a new family who seem to be very receptive and I am so grateful for the diligence of my companion and how well we support each other.
But this sector has been harder to find people to teach than I thought it was going to be, but we are grateful for the things that we have learned in the finding process.  Answers from my personal study sessions have come to me in door contacts, and I feel as we contact my testimony is growing A LOT. This I am very grateful for.  I love feeling the Holy Ghost teach us things as we testify to others.  I just hope we will find people that are prepared to be taught and baptized.  This letter is kind of short because all that really happened was contacting and teaching menos activos (less active members), who are all sweethearts, they just don't want to come to church!!  Blessings come from going to church and every one needs blessings.. SO JUST GO TO CHURCH!!  lol that's my advice to you all this week.  Go to church.  Learn something new.  Touch lives and share comments in church.  Reflect on the savior. Listen to the sacrament prayer♥ ENJOY YOURSELF THERE  :)  Oh and my Hermana Castleton is so sweet.  I just am loving being her companion♥
DAY 1 together! Making a ghetto box for Christmas presents!
That's all. I love you.
I love the Gospel
I love Chile
I love being fat
I love Christmas lights
I love church :)
Stay classy and have a super sassy week ♥ xoxoxo

Found this awesome bush so I took a picture with it!

Another cool bush!

its like super fer reals!

Hermana Castleton and dog laying in weird position
Hermana Castleton dropped her toast
out the window and the bush caught it!
We thought it was funny so I took a pic!!

Hermana Castleton and I on our first day
and we were up the night before so we look tired!!! yay!!

We Love to See the Temple! ♥

yyeah buddy! Elder Stewart and Elder Alcaras riding in the Limo of Chile

Our attractive shoe tans!
Mine is the bottom one with pink toe nails, whoopee!!

PAINTING FIGHT.. I mean SERVICE for a 91 year old lady!

PAINTING SERVICE for a 91 year old lady!
Hermana Castleton with the cute puppies!

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