Monday, December 9, 2013

Change brings hard work and blessings

THIS IS FROM HER MOTHER:   Danielle is serving with a new companion and I have befriended her new companions mother!  So fun!  I am able to read her companion, Whitney Castleton's weekly email.  This is such a fun tender mercy from the Lord.  Here is a few things Whiney has said about Danielle.  So proud of my girl and so blessed!

From Whitney Castleton:  Great, wonderful, blessed week.  We've truly seen miracles in this sector. Largely it has to do with Hermana Cook.  She is quite incredible.  She is a blessing and miracle in my life.  I am really enjoying the time I have with her and need to learn all I can.

This week we've really discovered the necessity for specific prayers. God has a very funny sense of humor. He will bless us with exactly what we ask for, but maybe not exactly what we need. For example, Hermana Cook was tired of feeling the heat during the day, and as she was saying the nightly companionship prayer, she asked Him if He could make it a little colder. Well, Sunday morning we woke up and it felt like winter. We had to wear long sleeves and sweaters and long skirts. 

She also wrote:    We met with the Familia Garrido and they took really well to Hermana Cook as nearly everybody does. She is truly wonderful.


So far for our first week in this sector things are moving along, very slowly, but they are moving. :) We had one full day of strictly door contacting, we tracked for over 6 hours and when we thought our efforts were in vain, at the end of the night, we were blessed with a miracle.  The VERY LAST door we knocked on, and which we almost didn't, a man answered the door and the second after we told him we were missionaries, he invited us in.  We were shocked and did not know exactly how to react right away.  We asked if there was a women in the house and he pointed to his wife sitting on the couch and said she would like us to come in as well.  In a very short story, we found out that she had been baptized at 10 years old, and never went to church after.  Her and her husband have been wondering if they should ``find Jesus again`` and was very excited to hear that our church was centered around families and Jesus Christ, and that we have a meeting in the church every week to worship him and learn more about His Gospel.  They said they would be there this Sunday.  We have an appointment with them tonight and are planning on teaching them The Restoration.  We feel very blessed to have found them and we hope Marco and his wife accept the church into their lives. This sector is full of old people and it's hard to find people who can hear us.  Its really funny!  Surprisingly we are understood very well despite our lack of Spanish skills. 

Oh, also this week we did a fast this last Tuesday and fasted very very specifically to find someone that would just let us in and allow us to teach and for them to have a desire to be baptized.  And the day after we knocked on this door and a car pulled up behind us, which is usually really an awkward situation... But this man got out of his car, opened the gate to his house and said to go on in and teach him.... this is not common here at all! lol   We taught him the restoration, and how to pray and about the Book of Mormon this week,  his name is Juahn and he is really receptive so far.  He has a family of 6 and they are all catholic and most of the kids live out of the house.  Were hoping to get him and his wife to church this week.  My testimony of prayer and fasting has really grown and has been answered on several different accounts this week.  I can't even believe it.  This change has been so hard because we have to tract so much, and references are pretty rare because everyone here is kind of like over 70.   Also, We had lunch with the Relief Society president, Hermana Rybak, and Hermana Castleton told me she could be a little hard to work with so I just really tried to get to know her and show her we were here to help so she could trust us. WELLLL, Turns out she trusts us now, because She wants me to take Hermana Moody´s place and be first councilor in the relief Society...... Sounds like a joke but I am not joking. I have to give a lesson this week and we have lots of meetings!! I feel very incapable right now, but the Lord has shown me he wont ever leave me by myself so I know it will turn out to all be just fine! 
I´m loving my mission and this ward is great. I wish I could write more detailed and better but I cant exactly!!  I feel like Moroni who can only write 1/100th of the things that have happened!! but I love you all lots :)  OH YEAHH, ALSO WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!

It was so so great.  We got to watch the new video and I absolutely loved it.  The temple was just what we needed to start this sector off with.  I received two things of revaluation while I was in there for this sector.  It was an emotional and humbling experience.  And Christmas is coming up and I can't wait.  Lights are on all the houses and Christmas music is everywhere. 
This is all I have time to write right now!  Love you!!
Hermana Cook

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