Monday, December 23, 2013


FAMILY!!!! MERRYYY CHRISTMASSS♥ So I miss you guys a lot but as much as I miss you guys, this Christmas will definitely be one of the most memorable in my life. (: My mission family here helps keep me from getting too home sick. We've been picking up on our lessons and finding new people to teach which is so great. People are always a little more willing to listen to two gringas who are far from their families this time of year (: Christmas is a great teaching tool, I would love to use it all year round but I feel like after the holiday it wouldn't be as effective :(

The story of the birth of Jesus Christ found in Luchas 2 is a miraculous one.  President was telling us at our Christmas Party that in some ways, the nativity of Christ has been sanitized to the point that we do not even consider the reality of the circumstances.  From birth, Christ’s life was a rugged one. Born in a stable shared with some farm animals and laid to rest in a feeding trough.  His birth was without the conveniences of even the average home back then.  He was an unwelcome guest.  There was no room for him in the inn.  While still young, he was whisked away to a far country to save his life, a perilous journey in great haste and fear, a trip which was undoubtedly hard for the new infant and his caring mother.  He had a most unusual life as a child.  He was visited by special visitors of other religious traditions who understood the prophesies of his birth and sought him out.  There is nothing in the Bible that says that the visitors from the East were kings, or that there were three, or that they were all men, or that one of them was black.  It is clear that they were teachers and spiritual leaders.  It wasn’t until much later when Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire that they were cast as royalty.  The Magi sought the future King of the Jews by inquiring of Herod.  Herod then uses this information to order the killing of innocent children.  It is a bloody story that is never depicted in our Christmas pageants, yet it gives us important insights.  It is remarkable that Jesus gave his life for all of us, including those children that gave their lives for Him.  Clearly, as a young Jewish boy, Jesus would have been aware of this slaughter.  It may have been a contributing factor to his unlimited capacity for sympathizing with the suffering of others.  We never really go past the cute story of Jesus, which I absolutely love, but we do need to remember Jesus never had an easy life.  It was not easy for him.  That is why Elder Holland always says he thinks that it is never easy for us, especially as missionaries.  I love Christmas and being on a mission has opened up windows of questions and answers about our Savior :) I love it...

But on an upbeat, we did have your mission Christmas party and it was CRAZY!  I was one of the team captains for all the sports!!! bahaah!!! Funny cause sports is not my thing but it was a BLAST. We enjoyed playing soccer, football, frisbee, basketball, and volleyball and finished up with watching Remember the Titans.  This was the first time I have seen this movie and I LOVED IT.  Can't wait to watch it in English. haha.  We also had a devotional from presidente and Hermana Cook and exchanged gifts.  I decided to regift my pink Christmas Tree and OF COURSE and elder got it HAAHHAHA.  I have pics ;) I ended up with and AWESOME authentic Chilean bag that was like hand knitted.  It looks way cool.  We had such a fun time.

This week we found 2 nuevos and taught them some lessons and have 2 baptismal dates for the 19th. Juan Carlos, who is reading the Book of Mormon and says prayers like a member. I love love love his prayers!  We're hoping to start teaching his wife as well!! And Also Marco and his family, the ones we found that one day after contacting for 7 hours straight!  They came to the Ward Christmas party and their little girl, Antonia lovessss us. it's so cute.  She is 5 and she loves Dora so I was able to give her the stickers Debbie Williams gave me before I left and she loves them!!  Thank you Debbie ❤️

Yes, We are continuing to see miracles in this sector.  Hermana Castleton is doing great and we are striving to be diligent in all that we do.  We were still a little sick this week but we got through it! We made cute matching shirts for the Christmas Party and I'll send pics of those in a bit :))  Hope everyone is enjoying their week!  It's so hot down here and I'm loving it!!  It's like 100 degrees this week and I have a really attractive shoe tan ! woohoooo!! Pics are on the way

Teeny your tractor is lovely and attractive! 

Miss you family!  The 1st if the next month marks 5 months here!!  So crazy.  Well I love you all have a great Christmas see you in 2 daysss!!! 

Hermana Cook :)

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