Monday, March 17, 2014

Faith and fear cannot live together. It’s like light and dark. You have to choose.

SO there was an earth quake in the middle of the night last week and it was a 5.5 or something like that and it woke me up and I was thinking about jumping out of bed but something kept me super calm and I just stayed there and we swayed back and forth for a bit.  I was scared for about 2 nights after that and had trouble sleeping but we all know perfectly well where fear comes from.  My mom and Valerie have made that VERY clear.  Faith and fear cannot live together.  It’s like light and dark. You have to choose.

This week has been FULL of miracles.  We taught a less active this week and she told us that the Book of Mormon is not true because Gold is not as hard as rocks and that the Book of Mormon should have been written in stone... It’s kind of interesting what thoughts Satan puts into people´s minds to keep them in the darkness.  This, for one, is definitely not true; and second, this doesn’t even have anything to do pertaining with the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  It could have been written on a marshmallows.  The fact is that it is true.  Prophets wrote it, Joseph Smith translated it, and we can’t deny the peaceful feeling we receive when we read it.  I am starting to get a little more straight forward with people when I teach and it has been a lot more effective.  This lady was convinced she did not want to come to church and she wasn’t about to change her mind any time soon... I felt BLOCKED completely when we left her house that night.  I felt she didn’t absorb a single thing we said, or a single thing we read with her.  She told us eternal life doesn’t exist and commandments, like the word of wisdom doesn’t matter.  Hermana Taylor and I decided to sing her a song "Did you think to pray" and we left with that, and a prayer.  The next day, about 2 minutes after the prayer to begin sacrament meeting started, she walked in with her husband.  I cried.  Then, Juanito gave a talk about ETERNAL LIFE and in Relief Society they talked about the Book of Mormon.  Then at the end of Relief Society, all the Hermanas asked about her and she told them that she has been inactive for 20 years and she believes all churches are the same.  The wonderful Hermana Rybak and Garrido (The Hermana with the Down syndrome child) set it very straight for this less active.  They told her she wouldn’t find joy and a sister hood like they have here and Hermana Ryback said were going to pray and fast for you because we love you and want you here.  And all Ortencia could do at this moment was smile... MILAGROS (MIRICLES) I never cried this much in church before. It was amorosa (lovely)  

Well we still have 3 fetchas (dates) for April 12.  We found a family that is progressing greatly. Francisca, Juan and Claudia. (:  Francisca is in a wheel chair and is very close to her Heavenly Father. I love them way so much!   Also we found another family out of a pure miracle.  We decided to contact while a family was cooking us lunch instead of just waiting in the house for 20 minutes and we found two 30 year old cousins that invited us to their house the next day and we taught their family of 5. I HOPE AND PRAY THEY PROGRESS (:

We have just seen miracles. President has been pushing the theme of Urgencia (urgency) and we have been trying to apply it better.  And we are seeing miracles.

With Hermana Taylor
Hermana Taylor is doing great.  She is willing to work and obedient.  Those are the only 2 things I asked for in a trainee. I am so blessed (:  Heavenly Father is very aware of me and the desires of my heart.  This week was so fun and full of progression.   Hope all is well at home.  Things are great here.

Have a super Sassy Semana (week) and remember Heavenly Father is mindful of you.

Hermana Taylor,  Elder Schelden and I

Teeny:  my district leader was singing SHE THINKS MY TRACTORS SEXY all the way up the mountain in San Cristobal today.  lol He’s so great,  Elder Schelden. (: by the way we hiked this mountain where they have a HUGE statue of the Virgin Mary and we had a blast.  
Huge statue of Virgin Mary
kay, bessitos!
Hermana COOK!
Elders in our mission

Myself, Hermana Taylor, Castleton and others
Somos Bonitas
About ready to have lunch
Elders in our mission

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