Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I hope I am never too busy for the Lord!

So this week was super difficult but extremely humbling.  We had stake conference and we had at least 7 less active member attend!!!  One in which does not believe in Eternal Life.  She is the funniest and most fun less active we are teaching (: She jokingly got really mad at us because the first thing Presidente Cook talked about in the conference is Eternal Life and she thinks we wrote him a letter to write a talk specifically for her!  We told her that talk was actually about the urgency to share the gospel with people around us, but the spirit translated it into eternal life, which is true. Presidente didn’t say a single thing about Eternal life lol the Holy Ghost just spoke it to her (: There were a lot of personal mini miracles that happened this week that I cannot type for everyone to read.  Ask me when I come home!  Just know that the power of specific prayers are real.  We need to obey every commandment exactly, which is something I did NOT understand at all before my mission.  So if I come home with nothing but that.. My life is changed  Our investigators, Francisca Juan and Claudia are doing good.  Progressing well, but Satan is working hard and strong on them, as well as the spirit.  Hopefully they will use their agency wisely.

We are going to the temple this week and had a bunch of things to do yesterday, hence why we are writing for today, so sorry about that (:  

This week I also had a big realization.  People like to be falsely busy.  Every less active and half of our investigators like to be ``too busy. `` Too busy to read, too busy to go to church, too busy to progress.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  You had to go to the store.... ALL DAY?? that’s your excuse... They really like the excuse of ``I was super tired after I went to the Ferria (a huge street garage sale) so I came home to rest and just didn’t have time`` I believe the ferria was organized by the Devil.  It’s on Sunday, everything is magically cheap, and it’s DURING CHURCH. AHHHHHH.  But there is also one on Saturday, but people like to be ``too busy`` so they go on Sunday.  People, in reality, have a lot of extra time... but they look for things to say that they are too busy; I hope I am never too busy for the Lord. 

He will come again one day, and I want to be prepared and make time now.  And when I come home, I don’t want my habits to change.  Daddy you are a good example of that.  I always wondered why and how you developed the habit of 2 hour early scripture study in the morning and then I realized you served a mission haha

Well, sorry it’s short, but I guess they usually are.  Hermana Taylor is precious and doing well.  She is progressing really well and adapting fine!  I can’t believe we’ve almost had one cambio (change) together.  She is fantastic (: 

Well bye bye
Love you guys to the edge of the moon and back
xxoxoox Hermanita Cook

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