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We had 12 of our less actives come to church and 6 of the Elders´ that came to church this week. Our assistance in the church went from about 42 to 65 this week. The members of El Parrón are kicking into gear and we have seen milagros (miracles) ♥

Funny story...we live on the second floor and last Monday I was cleaning out the bread crumbs from my backpack.  Thinking I had gotten everything out of by backpack, I flipped my backpack upside down and shook it over the balcony of our apartment, and very gracefully and majestically our cell phone plummeted to its death.  So we have been without a cell phone for a week and I realized... technology is a blessing.  I miss our 10 dollar cell phone!  But we actually had to rely on the Lord a lot more than usual this week and ended up doing a lot more 2 minute prayers in the streets that people would be there when we showed up at there house.  One time, at one point I said a short pleading prayer to Heavenly Father to let the phone work so I could call our family investigators (Francisca, Claudia and Juan) and the phone worked just long enough for me to tell them who I was and set up an appointment for the next week because they were out of town this week. That was a miracle!!   If that call would not have worked, we would have gone by the house and no one would have answered, since they were on vacation, and I probably would have crossed them off our list as not interested.  God is a loving God of miracles!  Our phone has not worked since and was not working before that. (: Cool huh??

Another funny story.... So the Elders have been getting a lot of really good references for us, and so being the lovely Elders that they are, they decided to pass us along a really great one, who lives 45 minutes away on the opposite end of the sector.  So we plan, and take the time to walk all the way over there, we knock on the door... and out comes a SUPER FLAMING feminine man, named Pedro, who I have actually met before and know he has no desire to be baptized into this church.  So, later that night I called the Elders and told them that he was actually really receptive and wants to go to church tomorrow and we asked if they would go pick him up.  So they walked all the way to the Granja (farm) where he lives, and guess what; he wasn't there (: bahahah don't worry we made a truce never to do that again and Elder Burhoe is going to make me a sandwich to apologize.  But it was way funny.  Love our elders!!! Elder Burhoe and Tafor from Colombia. 

On a more serious note, I can't even type all the miracles we have seen this week.  Mondays are such a great reflection day.  We taught Francisca and her mom, Cloudia, this past week.  After teaching the restoration, she asked us questions about baby baptism and we explained to her that the purpose of baptism is to cleanse us of or sins and that baby's don't have sin.  She then told us that she had a baby that lived only 4 days, but was baptized on his second day, and she said she was glad he was saved.
I asked her if she really believed in her heart that Jesus would not accept babies into his kingdom that have no power to choose to be baptized, and she sat there for a second and she said, no I think Jesus would feel bad for the baby and accept him.  Long story short, we ended up teaching parts of the Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ and by the end Francisca and her daughter both had watery eyes.  Claudia told us that she was going to not let us come back because she had been told we only worship Joseph Smith and we have a lot of crazy beliefs, but she said that what we told her makes too much sense and she wants to learn more.  I hope she reads and prays about the Libro De Mormón (Book of Mormon) and receives an answer and I really hope her husband is there tonight so we can teach them as a family. 

We found 6 new investigators and we hope and pray they will progress.  Going to church seems to be a really hard thing for people to do here but I know if they act in their faith they will see the blessings that come from living this gospel ♥ 

I love being a trainer.  I remember looking at my trainer how Hermana Tayor has been saying she looks at me...that we know all the scriptures and know what to teach and that we have really good Spanish and that it's easier for us now. 

I realize that I was super wrong and did not give my trainer enough credit.  It is so hard having someone depend on you for everything.  I hope and pray I can be just as good of a trainer as Hermana Leavitt was for me!  Because in reality, trainers don't actually know a lot.  Just enough so that we barely get by.  I have relied on the Lord for so much more than before and I feel like I am saying that in every change but its so true! ♥

Anyways, this work is hard, I am tired and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world♥

Have a super sassy semana 
Hermanita Cook

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