Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Felt A Lot of Peace to Know That Heavenly Father Knows Each of Us On Such A Deep and Personal Level

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HERMANA ARAYA WENT TO CHURCH!!! on her own.(:  We have not visited her for two weeks, because each time we have passed by, she has told us she is too busy to receive us, but she ended up going with two of her youngest sons this week!  I was thrilled. (:  I hope she continues to come.  This week was really really slow but I saw a lot of progression.  Monica finally is really ready to be baptized and she could not be more excited.  Texia taught her first class of Principios del Evangelio and should be good to be completely reactivated in a week or two and her daughter is becoming more active as well (: Elder Guevarra  gave a really good lesson about prophets on Monday and we were able to use a lot of the things he had taught us in door contacts and taught a lot of people outside of their door.  One man even asked us, ´´Yeah... How come we don’t have prophets like Adam and Moses anymore?!´´ And we were able to answer his questions.  It was such a blessing.  The differences between Hermana Jerez and I are still there and sometimes I even feel I am teaching lessons alone because she gets distracted and off topic when we teach, which then makes us have to rush to our next possible cita, or simply just wastes time.  I have learned a lot from her this week though.  I know she likes to take time to get to know people and make them feel special, but there really needs to be a better balance.  I am in love with this sector.  I can see a huge difference between this sector and Progresso.  I felt in Progresso the people were REALLY open to letting us in their homes to teach, but the members were not as united.  But here, in La Blanca, I feel the people, whose doors we knock, are not very receptive although the ward is EXTREMELY united and concerned for one another.  It is interesting the differences and needs of each sector.  Last night as I looked out of the apartment building, I noticed that I could see one person walking in Gran Avenida, and without even turning my head, I could see another man, two blocks down, entering into his house.  Neither man knew each other, but I could see them both at the same time.  I feel like this is how Heavenly Father is with us and each sector that we are in and He can see us at the same time, but not only that, He knows what we are thinking and how we feel and what our needs and desires are and how we play a part in each of our sectors.  I felt a lot of peace to know that He knows each of us on such a deep and personal level, and I know I need to put more trust in Him.  I read Kind Benjamin´s discourse that he gave this week and it touched my heart to read how fervently he pleaded for everyone to keep the commandments of the Lord and that everyone felt true desires to repent and change.  He was such a great example and I loved all of the chapters we read this week.

We finally found someone willing to let us do service!  We cut an older lady´s lawn.  Her grass and weeds were like a mile high!  We cut the grass literally with a stick with a metal sharp nudge at the end lol But through this experience we were able to tell people about it, and we might be cutting more people´s grass this week!! Woohoooo (:  And we found a way to go back and visit an inactive that doesn´t want anything to do with the church, we are going to do SERVICE and help him paint his wall to get rid of the graffiti (:
Fun times on the mission!
Well that’s all for this week I think.....
Love you all! Have a super sassy week!
Hermana Danielle Coooookkk (:

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