Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Want to be Like Nefi, He Is loving, Thinks Like The Savor and Is Indeed Corageous

So Presidente Cook has focused ALOT on consegracion (consecration).  (Sorry for the spanglish) and how we need to apply this as much possible as missionaries so we can put it to practice when we get back home.  I told and actually semi promised my brother Austin late the night before I left on my mission that I would not change (: That I would come home as myself, just with a love for the Chilean people and more scripture knowledge.  But I actually missed... or didn't understand the concept that when you have more knowledge, you want to share, practice, and then become what you have learned.  The more we read about Nefi, the more we want to become like him and develop his loving, Savior thinking, courageous self.  Conference this week was super great.  I learned a lot about covenant keeping and being consecrated to the work of the Lord.  The profets are a perfect ejemplo de la consegracion (perfect example of consecration).  They have given up many things to magnify their calling and follow the Lord.  Many of them left their jobs, moved to new areas and are completely consecrated to the work of the Lord, and with a POSITIVE and loving attitude.  The Saviors apostles also followed Christ in the same way.  They had to leave everything, but always received in return something better; a deeper understanding of Christ and His atonement.  I thought more in depth about this when I read Doctrine and Covenants 88:22 in a noche de hogar (home evening) we had with one of our less active members.  As a mission we also have made a goal to read the Book of Mormon in three months and it's actually fun to kind of read the Book of Mormon at a more regular pace instead of breaking down scriptures like I have been doing, it becomes more of a story (: Anyways, I heard that daddy had cut the cable.  Before I would have been like Laman and Lemuel and complained and been super irritated, but being away from that for a year has made me realize that we grow a lot more with out distractions, especially in the home. (Now if dad was mean when he took the cable away and said mean things, this is another story, but the fact that it is gone is another thing). I do not believe that that happened, it was just an example.  When we do things for progression and fight the natural man, we have to do it with charity (:

Anyways.... This week was good. Hard as always, but it turned out really well. ♥ Monica is progressing with flying colors and her baptism date is still set and ready to to for the 25th. Ill be sending pics later towards the end of Pday because we can send pics more safely from the church. YAY
kay love you all
take care
hugs and kisses
see you in 3 more fast Sundays
praying always for you
adios amigos
♥Hermana Cook
have a super sassy samana

love you byeeeee

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