Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Satan is Also Hastening His Work and Many of Our Brothers and Sisters, Even in the Those In The Church May be Lead Away

This week went really well. 

We door contacted A LOT and talked with people with really strong testimonies and opinions of their own church which they participate.  But each one of them told us that we would all be going to the same place anyways so it did not matter what building we went to workshop or what we called our selves in terms of religion. It made me sad that they were so sure of what they were saying.  In our last fast and testimony meeting that we had the other week, our bishop bore his testimony about how Satan is also hastening his work and many of our brothers and sisters, even in the church would be lead away and it is not enough to know with your mind that things are true.  We have to know with our heart and the only way to do that is through studies and acting on what we learn.  We are very blessed to have such a great bishop who holds meetings and has a lot of goals and expectations for the ward.  Even our ward council that we had this past week was a sign of progression, Every one had an assignment and if they did not complete it, the bishop gave them a little lecture and then had them commit to complete it the next day/week depending on what the assignment had been. This ward is becoming really united and I am really amazed.  Our investigators are doing really well; reading and praying and we put a fecha this week! Yay! Her name is Monica and she is the mother of one of our reactivating new members (: Were super excited for them!  I cannot believe how fast my mission is going! Every one says it goes fast but I could never realize how true it was until I got out here on a mission! 

Conference is this week and I am way too exciteddddd♥ 

Take care. See you all in 2 months for skype!! 
EEEEEEK! have a super sassy week! 

Hermana Danielle N Cook

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