Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Heavenly Father Sent Us to Families and I Know it is Important to Him and for Us to Return to Him as Families.

This week Hermana Araya went to church again with her two children! She actually told us that her daughter 18 year old daughter Valentina wanted to meet with us as well (: We went to her house Monday and she seems like she is not sure she really wants to participate with us on the religion spectrum of things quite yet, but needed help with her English. We were able to talk to her about the outcome effects of the decisions we make now, and how they can help us or hurt us, and I realized that sometimes the decision is not always between what is right and what is wrong, but rather what is good and what is better. I hope we continue to see progress with Hermana Araya. Today we ate lunch with our investigators from Argentina, Natalia and her son, Bruno, who is 10 (: They are reading and praying and Bruno is going to come to church this week and his mom is going to try to come to sacrament meeting if the doctors allow her to leave. She has complications with her pregnancy and is on bed rest.:( and we found out that Natalia and her husband ARE NOT MARRIED :( so that might be a challenge but I really think they will be understanding when we talk more about the importance of marriage and the eternal perspective of everything

The ward is doing really well, much better than the ward I came from.  Texia hopefully will be receiving her calling this month as a teacher for principos del evangelio or para la Soc Soc.!!YAYYYYY!!!!!

So, while studying the plan of salvation this week I realized a little deeper the importance of families. Our Heavenly Father sent us to families and I know it is important to Him and for us to return to Him as families. It made me very grateful for the family that I have and I know this is one of the biggest blessings of knowing the Plan of Salvation. We will see our families again. We were able to find a lot of opportunities do do service! Alejandro, our ward mission leader actually passed by a house and saw a young lady painting and he sent us her direction. At first when we got there she was opposed to letting us help, but after a few minutes of talking to her she decided that just her and her husband painting with two brushes would be a little tiring in the heat and it would take a while so she happily accepted our help at the end and she said she had a few questions that we might be able to answer for her about religion (: So that was a blessing

 I can’t believe I have only 3 months left. No one is letting me forget it. My mother, the members and missionaries!! I wanted to keep it secret so I would not have to think about it but its fine. Presidente Tew actually suggested that I make a 5 year goal plan at my 6 month left mark and then revise it when I have only 3 left and that has given me time to plan and then relax and get back to mission things. This week Monica is on schedule for her baptism (: She will be baptized at 3:30 Saturday YAYYY she’s so awesome. (:

oh and guess what, a virus ate my camera chip like I TOTALLY knew it would so sending photos might be a little complicated :((  but someday I will start sending them again lol love you all have a super sassy week xoxoox
Hermana Danielle Cook

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