Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monica Did It! She Got Baptized!


Monica did it!  She got baptized!  It was such a precious experience.  Of course everything had to be hectic right before the baptism (:  Filling up the font, her baptism dress not fitting, I had to give an unexpected last minute talk because the speaker didn’t show up, we lost the keys to the church.. but HEY, after all that, all turned out just greatWe found a few new families to teach this week.  The family of Muñoz!  Lydia´s story is so heart breaking.  She was raised without her mom and with an alcoholic father.   She told us she wants to find the best for her daughters and said she would get baptized if she knew that the church was true and received a good feeling when she reads the book of Mormon I can’t even begin to tell you how bad of a situation she is in but she is so humble... she literally looks like Lisa Malan.. But she has face piercings and if you judge her from the outside, she looks harsh but I haven’t met a sweeter person we found her and talked to her in the street and I just love love love her! We’ve met some great people this week. 

I am kind of mind boggled right now so sorry if this letters a bit unorganized! We just had a water balloon fight and I got BEAT UP, but don’t worry, I totally conquered... Anyways, my companion and I are doing a lot better (: We found out how to work with our differences because we are actually 100% opposites but we have been able to bring out the fun side in each other.  I really love having Latina companions (: Hopefully I can end my mission with a Latina companion or at least have one more change with a Latina well....I will write more next week.  Love you all see you soon!!!!!! 

Hermana Danielle Cook

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