Thursday, November 27, 2014

Updates with Jaime, Hna Olson and The Church

We love her!
This week went really well.  Jaime was baptized and sad to say not a single member showed up except for the presidente of the young mens.  Not even the Bishop or his councilors were able to go but our little Jaime wanted to be baptized anyway and had a LOT of support from many of the missionaries . On Sunday we went to the temple with him and a few investigators and our ward mission leader.  It was an amazing experience.  Hermana Olson is doing fantastic and we are working really hard on our goals together.  This Sunday the attendance was down by about 10-15 people but we sat in the front with Jorge and I didn’t notice that there were such few people in church. I actually felt that the benches were filled, until I looked behind me and saw that a lot of them were empty, but as soon as I turned back around I felt a very strong impression that the benches, in reality, were filled  with angels and eager spirits.  It was a tender sweet feeling and confirmation of the work and love and support from the worlds less known to us.  The sacrament meeting this week was very spiritual and it made me really think of the importance of the ordinances we have in these latter days.  Reading this week in 3rd Nephi I gained a deeper love and gratitude for the Book of Mormon and the registros (records) it contains.  We really are so blessed. Our investigators are doing well.  Jorge came to the temple with us with many opinions and questions and we all worked together with the spirit to answer them.  He is worried that he won’t be ready by the 20th for his baptism and says he feels a little pressured, but other times he says he had wished that he had gotten baptized a long time ago because he has lost so much time leaning about the Gospel.  I have faith that he will be ready by the fecha (date) we have have set and prayed about but I do not want him to feel pressured by us, but by wanting to be baptized because he truly knows is the right thing to do.  The service we did this week was help a Chilean from Israel that speaks Hebrew, paint her house and clean it up.  She will be moving into out sector in a week and it was a good opportunity to get to know her and help her and her father. He father asked us a lot of questions about Joseph Smith, trying to pick little fights but we answered him very simply and sincerely and he accepted a folleto (brochure) in the end of the Restauracion (restoration). This week we are going to continue doing practices every day and learn more about how the spirit works in our companionship. We have seen many miracles and benefits from doing practices every day and teaching and learning from each other.  I am grateful for the willing heart of Hermana Olson (: This week was a blessing.  

Hermana Cook

PS for Pday today we played AMERICAN FOOTBALL and Hermana Olson and I were the team captains and we killed it!!  Ill send pics in un momentito (moment) but it was really fun.  Elder Baker, who is colombiano, is THE FUNNIEST ELDER I have ever met.  He has the humor that Haydin and I do but he is way funnier (; and Ill be sending some pics and you can all see for your self. LOVE YOU HAVE A SUPER SASSY WEEEEEK ♥

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