Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Gospel is for Everyone, Even Those Who Appear to Be Unprepared

This week went really well! I am with a new companion from California, Hermana Brittney Olson and we were actually friends up at BYUI so that's pretty crazy and cool!!! (:  We are about to learn a lot together. This week we did service pulling weeds and helping a lady we found in the street paint her house! It was really fun. really hot and a lot of work!
Last day with Monica and Tamera!
Experience of the week: On Saturday we came across a man in the street while we were contacting and when we went to say hi to him he abruptly approached us and got really close and said ``okay convince me what you have is the truth, CONVINCE ME,´´ noticing he was a little under the influence (or a lot) we asked him some questions to get to know him a bit and see where he was coming from before we taught him anything, and he began to ask us some really interesting questions´..... we answered him with a proclamation to the world pamphlet and explained the importance of families, Ernan interrupted us like every 5 seconds,  After walking with us like a whole half block we decided this wasn't the best situation to be in but something prompted me to end the conversation by at least inviting him to church.  Funny thing is when I asked him he asked what time it was at and we told him 10 in the morning and he told us TEN AM THAT'S WAY TOO EARLY FOR ME!!  Then Hermana Jerez told him he needed to start going to church to become a better person and that he will never know if he likes it if he had never has been before.  A typical response from a missionary, but this time it was an inspired response and he put his hand on his chin and loudly proclaimed YOU HAVE A GOOD POINT!   So we gave him the direction and said he didn't recognize the street so we told him we would pick him up outside of his house.  Then on Sunday we get a call at 9:45 and we answer and it was Ernan!  We gave him our number on the back of the pamphlet and he called to ask where we were because he was waiting!!  LONG funny hilarious story short, he went to church, asked 13,927,802,875 questions, asked for a Book of Mormon and has been reading everyday.... We have an appointment with him in 2 hours so pray for Ernan. haha (: Of course we are going with members but I just think it's interesting how people we don't expect to be prepared for the Gospel are sometimes prepared... Only Heavenly Father knows and we have to take advantage of the people that He puts in our path.

I learned a lot this week about the power the Book of Mormon has and I am excited to continue reading it and finding hidden answers to the questions I have.  It's a true inspired tool we have from the Lord.
Monica and Me.  This picture was taken unexpectedly aweeee 
One of my favorite questions Ernan asked on Sunday was ´´Why is everyone getting up and saying that this church and gospel are true... is anyone going to get up and say it's false?  And why do they keep talking about this book that is also true?!  I want a true Book!´´ (:

Well I think that's all... Lydia is doing good, the Lady we found last week who has so many trials, and her family... and the family from Argentina we found as well are doing super well, all progressing. ♥

Well... Love you familia!
Take care
Do your noche de hogares,
read your Scriptures
digan sus oraciones
y tengan una buena semana.
les quiero mucho (say your prayers and have a good week. I love you so much)
♥Hermana Cook

my comp hermana Jerez and I in Blanca´s house our last P day together! were funny

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